04 Apr 21

Sunday Preview – Warbands, Warmasters, and Blood Bowl

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We’ve got an especially packed week of pre-orders coming up, with new releases for Warhammer Underworlds, Adeptus Titanicus, and Blood Bowl on the way. And if you’re a fan of the Horus Heresy, make sure you don’t miss the hardback release of possibly the most revelatory Primarchs novel ever written.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty details, have a look at what’s coming up in our next Week in Warhammer video round-up.

That’s quite a bit to chew through, so let’s take a closer look at exactly what you’ll be able to pre-order this coming Saturday.

Join Prince Duvalle and his Crimson Court of Soulblight vampires as they descend into Direchasm, eager to feast upon the veritable buffet of warbands scurrying about beneath the living mountain.

SundayPreview Apr04 WHUWCrimsonCourt1eras

These merciless hunters will need to control the ravenous hunger within if they’re to see their objectives bear fruit, thanks to their bespoke Bloodlust mechanic. Find out more about this intricately designed warband and some of their unique cards later this week on Warhammer Community.

Have you ever seen the fantastic range of miniatures available for Warhammer Underworlds and thought, “Wow, my friends would love this”? There’s never been a better time to bring them into the fold, thanks to the new Warhammer Underworlds Starter Set arriving for pre-order on Saturday.

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Learn the fundamentals of the game with two complete warbands – Drepur’s Wraithcreepers and the Storm of Celestus – two pre-constructed starter decks and all the dice, tokens, boards, and other gubbins you need to get started with Warhammer Underworlds. We’ll be looking at this set in more detail later in the week, but rest assured it’s the perfect starting point for new players looking to begin their adventures in the living mountain.

Viceroy Drepur and their fellow Gravewraith Stalkers are a hard-hitting and aggressive warband able to pass through foes and solid objects alike with their spectral bodies, while Drakan Celestus’ band of Castigators control the board with their Thunderhead Greatbows and loyal Gryph-hound, Sleek.

Once you’ve played a few games and got to grips with Warhammer Underworlds, introduce the endlessly fascinating deck-building element to your games with the Essential Cards Pack, a selection of 60 universal cards to customise your decks with. 

SundayPreview Apr04 WHUWEssentialCards5cani

These cards show off many different styles of play and are compatible with every Warhammer Underworlds product released so far, showcasing some of the best and brightest of the cards released up until now. If you began your journey into the Underworlds after Shadespire, there’s sure to be something for you in the pack.

If you find yourself drawn to the spookier warbands like the Grymwatch and Lady Harrow’s Mournflight, give them some company on the tabletop with a pack of Grand Alliance Death dice. Cast in fetching purple, grey, and blue designs that evoke the swirling mists of Shyish, these dice are an ideal accessory for any of Nagash’s most trusted servants.

SundayPreview Apr04 WHUGrandAllianceDeathDice6eptx

For the digitally inclined warband leaders among us, the two warbands from the new Starter Set are also joining Warhammer Underworlds: Online from the 10th of April. If you haven’t given this digital adaptation of the board game a go, we highly recommend it – it’s even one of the games included in White Dwarf issue 462, so loyal readers of the physical magazines might already own it.

Shake the earth beneath the thunderous footfalls of the Emperor’s own God-machines in Loyalist Legios, the ultimate companion for any Princeps looking to form a loyalist battlegroup in Adeptus Titanicus.

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This 176-page hardback book contains background information for loyalist Titan Legions and Knight Houses, revised rules for forming your battlegroups, and a huge number of sub-factions to draw your war machines from, including the mysterious Ordo Sinister Psi-Titans.

Available on its own for the first time, the Adeptus Titanicus Rulebook is a 96-page hardback tome of essential lore and rules for battlegroup commanders, especially ideal for anybody who picked up a few miniatures to paint and now wants to deploy them on the tabletop.

SundayPreview Apr04 ATRulebook8thvo

Making its colossal debut on the tabletop, the Warmaster Heavy Battle Titan is an awe-inspiring sight to behold, by far the largest Imperial war machine to grace the table in Adeptus Titanicus. Keep your eyes on Warhammer Community to learn more about this legendary machine later this week, but in the meantime just soak in the majesty of this intricately detailed miniature.

SundayPreview Apr04 ATWarmasterTitan9tfht

Add a full-strength maniple to your Adeptus Titanicus collection with the Precept Maniple Battleforce, a sizeable collection of Battle and Scout Titans that forms an excellent starting point for any would-be Princeps, as well as a valuable expansion for experienced commanders.

SundayPreview Apr04 ATPreceptManiple12scis

If you’re planning to paint that much Titan, save time on hand-painting all of their tiny insignias with a transfer sheet from the Legios Ignatum, Astorum, Metalica, or Solaria. Each sheet contains hundreds of full-colour transfers for your Legio of choice as well as one of their most closely tied Knight Houses, enhancing your paint jobs tremendously.

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Kicking things off for Blood Bowl this week is our first-ever supplement for the Second Season, aptly named Death Zone. Whether you’re playing a fast and furious game of Blood Bowl Sevens or hiring unscrupulous mercenary players to crack a few skulls, Blood Bowl: Death Zone is the ultimate companion for bringing harsher, more exciting conditions to your games.

BBDeathZone Mar05 Image1hlov

Alongside Death Zone be sure to pick up the latest issue of Spike! Journal, focusing on both the Imperial Nobility and Black Orcs teams. This magazine is packed with the history, rules, and rosters for both teams, as well as all the essential commentary you’ve come to expect from Spike! Journal.

SundayPreview Apr04 BBSpike1214nbar

In an exciting first for us, the Blood Bowl core rules will also be available in Japanese for the first time ever, so enterprising coaches in Japan can have digital editions of the core Rulebook available at their fingertips.

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Available separately for the first time, the Black Orc and Imperial Nobility teams from the Second Season Edition starter box are arriving for pre-order on Saturday, each complete with 12 players, 2 coins, 4 balls, and all the transfers you need to really show off your models. These teams are a perfect way for established Blood Bowl coaches to expand their franchise and try tricky new strategies on the pitch.

In addition to the teams themselves, Team Card Packs and Dice Sets will also be available for both. Each 44-card pack contains player references, Star Player cards, Special Plays, and everything else you need to run your team efficiently, while the Dice Sets show off the heraldry of their teams in glorious fashion.

Blood Bowl teams aren’t the same without the glitz and glamour of a Star Player on their roster, and two of the game’s finest are on their way. Griff Oberwald and Varag Ghoul-Chewer are some of the greatest players ever to grace the sport, and are a perfect way to add some real star power to your games.

Speaking as we were of Blood Bowl Sevens, the smaller teams realised they need a smaller pitch to play on to keep the action quick and exciting (and to ensure the Halfling teams don’t get lost). That’s why the Sevens Pitch is smaller than usual, but still plenty big enough to have a bit of rough-and-tumble on.

SundayPreview Apr04 BBSevensPitch19wfts

SundayPreview Apr04 BBSevensPitch20pdytd

Such a composed and genteel game as Blood Bowl should surely have no need for referees, right? Alas, we’ve heard that occasionally things can get a bit violent down on the pitch, so it’s a good job these two refs are on hand to make fair and balanced calls. Sorry, what are they called? The Elf and Dwarf Biased Referees? Hmm…

SundayPreview Apr04 BBBiasedRefs21revvb

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Lastly for today, we’ve got an excellent selection of novels from Black Library to tantalise you with. First up is the frankly incredible Alpharius: Head of the Hydra in hardback, MP3 audiobook, and ebook. Previously only available in a limited edition run, this entry in the legendary Primarchs series delves into the history of the most mysterious of the Emperor’s sons. 

Who is Alpharius? Can we trust anything that comes out of his mouth? These questions and more will be answered, although you might want to take what you learn with a grain of salt…

SundayPreview Apr04 BLAlpharius22rhgr

Guy Haley’s The Lost and the Damned is coming to paperback release, telling the intense and brutal story of the Siege of Terra’s opening days, as armies clashed and billions died in the fury of apocalyptic warfare. The second book in the Siege of Terra series gives readers an up-close look at the lengths Horus is willing to go for victory, and the horrors he’s willing to unleash upon his foes.

SundayPreview Apr04 BLLostAndTheDamnedPB23kunv

Witness the sheer scale of the Imperial Palace and its defences with the Lost and the Damned Map – a full-colour, A2-sized reproduction of the limited edition release’s gorgeous Siege of Terra map. Place it upon your wall to remind yourself that Mankind will never fall (or if you’re more Chaos-inclined, throw darts at it).

SundayPreview Apr04 BLLostAndTheDamnedMap24hdpp

Let the words of the Thousand Sons’ greatest sorcerer resound inside your head as Ahriman: Sorcerer arrives on MP3 audiobook for the first time. As the psyker searches for a cure to the curse he levied upon his Legion, can he come to terms with the thought that perhaps it was flawed from the very beginning?

SundayPreview Apr04 BLAhrimanSorcererAudio25nlaf

Phew, that’s rather a lot of stuff! Stay tuned to Warhammer Community this week as we take a closer look at some of the upcoming pre-orders, and don’t forget that those who didn’t manage to pre-order the new Bandai White Scars Primaris Intercessor from the webstore still have a few weeks to get your pre-orders in on Bandai’s UK, US and Japan webstores. Don’t miss it, these action figures are truly incredible and a great guardian for your desk while you’re away painting.

Speaking of not missing things, the Warhammer TV team are back with another week of shows to get your hobby juices flowing. Tune in over at the Warhammer TV channel and catch the latest Hobby Clinic, Hang Out & Hobby, and more.

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