Posted 29/01/2018

Black Library Celebration – Coming Soon!

On Saturday 24th February, Games Workshop and Warhammer stores around the world will be holding a celebration of all things Black Library – and we have the low-down.

The event will be in part a celebration of 20 years of fantastic adrenaline-fuelled fiction from the worlds of Warhammer, and in part because the brand new Inquisitor Eisenhorn novel, The Magos is released on that day. And stores will have a host of special merchandise to commemorate both of these things. First, very excitingly, will be an exclusive resin Citadel miniature of Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn himself. This model is based on the classic Clint Langley artwork depicting the Inquisitor in his younger days, and is a perfect collector’s piece… and also a great addition to any army of the Imperium, as he will include rules in the box! Yes, you’ll be able to use Inquisitor Eisenhorn to bring ruin to your foes on the tabletop. Pick him up from the 24th in-store or online. 

But what about goods celebrating Black Library’s anniversary? There will be plenty, but we don’t want to give everything away just now. Also, do you remember a while back when you guys voted on which out of print books you’d like us to bring back? There will be news on that front soon, too. Keep an eye out for all the Black Library Celebration news, right here, very soon.

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