Posted 19/09/2017

The Armies of Firestorm: Anvilgard

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Firestorm is available to pre-order this weekend, bringing rich map-based campaign play to the Mortal Realms, as well as 10 new allegiance abilities representing the forces battling for control in the Realm of Fire. These allegiance abilities can be used in all of your games, and this week, we’ll be previewing some of our favourites:

In Firestorm, the armies of Anvilgard have a deadly new allegiance ability that can wipe out entire units in a single turn – Implacable March

At worst, Implacable March forces the foe to pull back from your forces, possibly putting them in a bad position. At best, you could annihilate your enemy’s favourite units by surrounding them with your own or catching them on a table edge. This is a great way to catch elite armies off guard – don’t like the look of a pack of Crypt Horrors? Encircle them with some Freeguild Guard and crush them underfoot!

Who benefits?

Anvilgard armies are made up of some of the hardier, more ruthless armies of Order, drawing from the Stormcast Eternals, Free Peoples, Devoted of Sigmar, Dispossessed, Darkling Covens, Scourge Privateers and Order Serpentis.

Best Factions

Stormcast Eternals are superb in an Anvilgard army, with their Scions of the Storm battle trait allowing them to encircle the foe quickly. We’d recommend surrounding your opponent with a durable unit like Liberators to leave your foes with nowhere to run.

The fast-moving units of the Order Serpentis are great in an Anvilgard army. Units like Drakespawn Knights and Drakespawn Chariots can be used to quickly hem in an enemy army, while the War Hydra can hold the enemy in position for several turns thanks to its ability to regenerate wounds every turn.

The Scourge Privateers are as fast as the other Aelven factions with the added benefit of several handy abilities like the Kharbidyss’ Abyssal Howl and the Black Ark Corsairs’ Notorious Raiders allowing you to inflict some additional casualties on the foe in the Battleshock phase. We’d recommend using some Scourge Privateers with the Stormcast Eternals, combining the offensive power of the former faction with the durability of the latter – handily, you’ll be able to get your hands on both in the Armies of the Great Cities: Anvilgard boxed set:

You’ll be able to kick off your Anvilgard army on Saturday, when Firestorm and the Armies of the Great Cities boxed sets are available to pre-order. Come back tomorrow when we’ll be checking out the ever-watchful forces of Tempest’s Eye.

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