Posted 03/03/2017

AdeptiCon: The one thing you don’t want to miss

If you’re heading to AdeptiCon* this March, you’d be madder than an Ork Mek to miss our Studio Preview events on Wednesday night.

Now, we’ll grant you, ‘Studio Preview’ doesn’t give much away, and we can’t tell you too much here either (lest we ruin the surprise) but we can tell you it’s not just a bunch of pictures on a powerpoint slide. Because, sure, anything we show you will end up on the internet, and even right here on the Warhammer Community site, quicker than a Speed Freek can rev his engine (it’s unofficial Ork day here in the office).

If you go to the preview event, you’ll not only get to handle a host of new miniatures, (some of which won’t be out for almost a year) you’ll get to play some games with them. And not just any game, a brand new game. On top of that, we’ve even commissioned some special dice for attendees to keep as a momento. And, that’s not even all. You’ll also get to see some new game mechanics we’ve got in mind for existing games and give us your thoughts.

Now, obviously, there will also be a powerpoint presentation (and maybe a video or two) with loads of cool unreleased miniatures and great new art, but that’s just window dressing.

This really is your one-off chance to come and be part of the future of the Warhammer hobby.

If you haven’t already secured your seat, online registration has closed, but there will be a chance to get a spot at the event itself, so be sure to ask at the registration desk when you arrive. There are two Previews – both on Wednesday the 23rd – one at 8:00pm and one at 10:00pm. (Get there early to grab a good seat – it’s easier to heckle from the front!)

If you can’t make it (we get that not every Warhammer fan in the world can fit in single room) then we’ll be showing some of the highlights on our Facebook pages afterwards.

See you there.

– The Orkhammer Community Team

*As you may already know, AdeptiCon is a huge independant event, held each year on the outskirts of Chicago in the USA. This is the single largest gathering of Warhammer fans anywhere in the world, and is the highlight of the year for many, featuring tournaments, campaigns, painting competitions, informal gaming and much much more.

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