Posted 15/08/2017

Our Armies with the new General’s Handbook: Martin’s Nighthaunts

Martin is a key member of the team here at Warhammer Community, coordinating Warhammer TV and Warhammer Live and sometimes even appearing on the latter as a commentator! Lately, Martin has been working on a series of previews for the General’s Handbook 2017, and decided the best way to get to know the book would be to build an army of his own, getting to grips with the new allegiance abilities for the spectral Nighthaunts:

Martin: With the advent of the General’s Handbook 2017, loads of us in the office and in the community have been building new armies. We wanted to show off everything that was new in the book in a Warhammer Live showcase series in which each Grand Alliance received a day of coverage. There was one problem – we were a short on one army and needed someone to fill in on Death Day. The answer was easy – I’d do it! I decided that I’d paint up a 2,000 point matched play Nighthaunt army before the event and use it myself. *

This would give me a chance to paint a brand new army for Warhammer Age of Sigmar and show how easy it is to get a painted force of spectral hosts onto the battlefield. I made a quick army list using the new points and allies rules and came up with:

3x Cairn Wraiths
3x Tomb Banshees
3x units of 6 Spirit Hosts
3x units of 5 Hexwraiths
1x unit of 6 Vargheists

One of the Cairn Wraiths would be my general. I plan to use the Nightbringer model from the Warhammer 40,000 Necrons range to make it stand out – it’s an awesome model after all. It could have the Lingering Spirit Command Trait and the extra wound would explain his bigger size.

I would also give another Cairn Wraith the Midnight Tome, which would add some much-needed magic to the army. I thought it was best to split up the artefact and command trait and not have them on the same model, so as to spread out the targets for my opponent.

With all that decided, I had to figure out a paint scheme. My bases would match the rest of my Death collection, as I want to have the option to pick and mix if I want to play just the Death allegiance, so that was easy. With a quick scan of our Youtube channel, I found a painting video where Duncan showed how to paint Spirit Hosts. I decided to change from my usually green ghosts to something more pale and turquoise, allowing me to use the ever popular Nihilakh Oxide mixed with Lahmian Medium over a Corax White spray to do most of the work. This would mean the models would be basecoated in no time. Finally, I would paint all the metal bits as old and tarnished, and the wood dark and black.

With that worked out, all that was left was to order the models and get building. My plan was to build everything, spray it and then do all the washes at the same time. This would allow me to ensure a consistent base. I would then paint the details on everything together. Finally, I would do the bases to match the rest of my Death army and make some objective markers.

Will I get it done on time? Tune into Warhammer Live on the 23rd of August to find out! You can watch live for free, or watch back on demand with a subscription.

* I know what you’re thinking, those Community team folks really do put themselves out for the readers/viewers. It’s true, it’s a tough job – and we’re hiring too!

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