Posted 08/04/2017

Vortex and Slaughter – the beasts are back!

Rampaging from the Realm of Chaos, complete with new handy new keywords, two of the biggest monsters in the armies of Chaos are back.

Well, they never really left, but now they are more useful to Khorne and Tzeentch generals as these two iconic titans have just had their warscrolls updated with new keywords to allow them be included in forces using those Allegiance Abilities.

The Mutalith Vortex Beast is a nightmare of twisting magical power, bound to a gigantic… thing, with tentacles, literally for a face, that radiates the pure stuff of Chaos.

The Slaughterbrute on the other hand is a wrath-fueled avalanche of muscle and rage, that can smash enemy regiments to splinters, rend the largest monsters limb-from limb and smash enemy champions to a fine paste.

Easy to see why the followers of Tzeentch and Khorne respectively would admire them.

In your games, both of these monstrous spawn-beasts are pretty handy in a fight. The Mutalith compliments its innate durability with the ability heal D3 wounds every turn, and the has the added bonus of potentially doing mortal wounds to nearby enemy units in each of your hero phases. The Slaughterbrute is a bit less subtle: it just smashes stuff – classic Khorne.

The new keywords mean these are now fine options for a pure Tzeentch or Khorne force, allowing them to keep the Allegiance Abilities from the new Blades of Khorne and Disciples of Tzeentch Battletomes.

Sounds good to us!

Order your own monster HERE (they are both made from the same kit).

Download the new Warscrolls here:

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