Posted 19/11/2016

New Ahriman Model

You wait 10,000 years for Ahriman, then two show up at once!

Earlier today, we showed off some upcoming Thousand Sons miniatures. But what would the descendants of the XV Legion be without their most infamous son?*

Ahriman has been one of Warhammer 40,000’s most notorious villains for decades, and now he has a brand new model.


This new re-imagining of Ahriman follows a similar philosophy to the Khârn the Betrayer model we saw earlier this year. Still recognisably the same iconic figure, but with all dynamism and intricate detail that can now be achieved in plastic.

ahri3a   ahri3c   ahri3b

The most obvious change is the disk. Which we feel is fitting – it’s about time the most powerful mortal sorcerer in the galaxy didn’t have to walk.

Of course, this isn’t the fist new Ahriman we’ve seen this month. In the Burning of Prospero box, we saw a young, optimistic pre-Rubric Ahriman, battling to save his world from the vicious Space Wolves. We love how you can see the design elements on that model, exaggerated on the Ahriman model of the 41st Millennium.


Ahriman, along with the rest of the Thousand Sons, will be available to pre-order next weekend.

*Not made of Dust

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