13 Oct 21

Are You an Imperial Saint? We’ll Reveal If You Can Be Canonised With This Quiz

Hammer and Bolter’s second run of episodes continues with A Question of Faith arriving on Warhammer+ today. Things get seriously pious as the Adepta Sororitas mete out holy vengeance upon the heretical minions of a Khornate Cult in defence of a most sacred shrine.

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This action-packed Warhammer animation is not alone either – even more is being added to the subscription service this week, including four issues of White Dwarf (covering May-August 2018) and a Warhammer Age of Sigmar Battle Report. Take a look at what else you can enjoy on Warhammer+ from today.

All of this good stuff is available in addition to the existing episodes of Loremasters, Citadel Colour Masterclass, Battle Report, and Deep Strike, as well as the classic lore and many more previous issues of White Dwarf in the Warhammer Vault. Whether you want something to watch while you paint or you’re looking for new tips to take your painting skills to the highest level, you’re spoilt for choice.

The Adepta Sororitas are renowned across the Imperium for lots of reasons – their dedication to duty, the stoic determination with which they fight, their mercilessly pyromaniacal approach to heresy, and more besides. They also often march to war alongside saints, many of whom are long-deceased, though some are fabled Living Saints who’ve been reborn to serve the God-Emperor’s will.

Watching A Question of Faith got us thinking – there have been many thousands of Saints of the Imperium over the millennia, but how exactly does one become canonised? Well, take our quiz to find out if you qualify!

Make sure you check out the Adepta Sororitas in all their zealous glory in A Question of Faith from today on Warhammer+. If you haven’t already,
subscribe now to catch Fangs and the other episodes of Hammer and Bolter, as well as the blood-soaked animation – Angels of Death – and much more. 

Today also sees another Warhammer Age of Sigmar Battle Report arrive on Warhammer+. This thrilling episode pits the mighty (draconith-riding!) Stormcast Eternals against a rampaging horde of Beastclaw Raiders, so there’s never been a better time to join.

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