03 Apr 19

Kit Bash: Chaos Space Marines

With the new Chaos Space Marines kit on shelves, a few members of the Warhammer Community team had a go at kit bashing them to their favourite Legion or Renegade Chapter – and the results are pretty awesome…

Eddie: Fallen Angels

I turned my box of Chaos Space Marines into Fallen Angels.* I have quite a large army of Fallen – some warriors with lots of marks of Chaos on them, and some with only Imperial iconography to represent how far each warrior has travelled on his path of damnation. This new squad is most definitely on the Chaos end of the spectrum.

I mixed in the plastic Dark Angels upgrade sprue and some Heresy-era First Legion heads to give them a bit of Calibanite charm. I was particularly pleased with the Fallen Company Champion, who serves as the Squad Leader.

* If you’re unfamiliar with Fallen Angels, they are like good guy versions of the Dark Angels…

John: Emperor’s Children Noise Marines

Noise Marines are easily my favourite Chaos unit ever, and I was thrilled to find out that the new Chaos Space Marines box works perfectly with the Noise Marine upgrade kits. I decided to take them in a “punkier” direction than they often appear, and Goliath Heads are just about the right size for these miniatures. I added an icon that I borrowed from the Hellstriders kit and gave my Champion a bespoke Doom Siren. Being able to rock two Blastmasters in a 10-man squad is just awesome.

Frank: Death Guard Initiates

My thinking was that these Chaos Space Marines are fairly new to the loving embrace of the Father of Plagues (as we already have a great Death Guard range for more established Plague Marines). Every warband needs reinforcements once in a while, right? I am obsessed with bells and horns (and counting to seven, too) and scavenged them from all kinds of kits, like the Putrid Blightkings and Plaguebearers. One useful (and unexpected) source for bells was the Grimghast Reapers kit. And I had to add at least one Nurgling to them, of course!

Diarmuid: Night Lords Chosen

I kit bashed my Chaos Space Marines into Night Lords inspired by the Aaron Dembski-Bowden omnibus. I love Aaron’s portrayal of the Night Lords as a splintered Legion living in poverty and scavenging from the dead, fuelled by their bitterness towards the Imperium. I gathered all the special weapons I could for my squad using spare parts from both Primaris Space Marines kits and the Warp Talon box to make each model unique. To give the squad a characteristic Night Lords aesthetic, I included a few Forge World upgrades and some defaced loyalist Chapter pauldrons.

Laura: Word Bearers

Relics in Warhammer 40,000 can be strange, delicate and horrifying things. These Word Bearers have taken it upon themselves to gather up relics of the Primordial Truth.

I took the weapons from the spare bits from the Varanguard kit, and cut the weapons to fit the hands of the new Chaos Space Marines – they’ve fashioned crude handles themselves in order to wield weapons far beyond their understanding.

Wade: World Eaters Berzerkers

I have converted a large number of Khorne Berzerkers from plastic Chaos Space Marines kits over the years, and when I got my hands on the new kit, I knew I would be using them to add warriors to my World Eaters.

I used Skullcrusher helmets for the distinctive headdress of the World Eaters – extra details, such as the skulls on chains, skulls on spikes and symbols of Khorne come from the Skullcrushers kit, as does the Champion’s axe. The icon of wrath is from the Skullreapers kit.

Chris: Iron Warriors

I’ve always seen the Iron Warriors as a blend of brutal utilitarianism with a level of augmentative bionics beyond anything used by their fellow Legions. With this in mind, my first port of call when it came to kit bashing my Chaos Space Marines was the Adeptus Mechanicus Kataphron Battle Servitors set. I’ve used a number of parts from that kit across these models, most notably on the missile launcher-toting Chaos Space Marine. I also used parts from the Plague Marine and Necromunda Goliath kits for the Chaos Space Marine charging forwards with the gigantic chain axe – this model is one of my favourites in the squad.

Mike: Alpha Legion (Or Are They?)

I wanted to make my Alpha Legion possess a bit of an uncanny look. I wanted their silhouette to be a mix of both Chaos Space Marine and loyalist that reflected their ability to sow confusion. I got some bits together from Reiver, Astra Militarum and Grey Knights parts – as well as some hoods from those well-known loyalists, the Dark Angels – and put together my tricksy Alpha Legionnaires. I knew I wanted them to have cloaks too, and was able to build some using Green Stuff. For the Emperor!

Rhu: Red Corsairs

I have developed a sudden and intense passion for the Red Corsairs, which may or may not have something to do with their excellent Renegade Trait. I wanted my squad to look a bit less venerable and ancient than their brethren from the Eye of Terror, so I changed out their backpacks, swapped the shoulder pads and gave them some (frankly terrifying) Reiver heads I reappropriated from Mike – thanks, Mike! Overall, they’ve got a scrappier feel and a blunter silhouette than other heretics, which suits me fine!

Thanks, guys! Looking to kit bash your own Chaos Space Marines? You can pick up your set today online or at a store near you.