08 Feb 19

Flesh-eater Courts Preview: Endless Spells and the Charnel Throne

Carrion Empire and the Flesh-eater Courts battletome will be available to pre-order in mere hours! To tide you over while you wait, we’ve got one more preview – a closer look at the Endless Spells of the Flesh-eater Courts, plus the Charnel Throne scenery piece…

The Endless Spells aren’t just useful for Flesh-eater Courts armies they’re also great for any Death army that contains Nagash, who, as befits the God of Death, can cast all of them.

Cadaverous Barricade

What’s better than a wall? Why, a wailing barricade of corpses, of course! This horrific bulwark is great for slowing down your foes or lending your units some cover against enemy shooting.

Chalice of Ushoran

The Chalice of Ushoran is a cunning Endless Spell that’ll allow you to turn dead enemies into replacement Crypt Ghouls, or just heal your favourite units. Cast it on the front lines to considerably improve your army’s survivability.

Corpsemare Stampede

The Corpsemare Stampede excels at dealing mortal wounds to squishy units. Thanks to its ability to move an impressive 14″, it’s more than capable of riding roughshod over several enemy units at once.

The Charnel Throne

A Charnel Throne can be included in any Flesh-eater Courts army and costs no matched play points – like the Herdstone, or Bad Moon Loonshrine, it’s a core part of any army. On the battlefield, it’ll bolster the courage of your troops, reduce the Bravery of your enemies, and allow you to save your valuable command points when summoning.

The Endless Spells and Charnel Throne will be available to pre-order tomorrow in the meantime, let us know how you’ll be using them in your games on the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Facebook page!