Posted 11/07/2017

Forge World Win-a-Titan – Another Winner!

Forge World’s Win-a-Titan competition has drawn to a close, with 100 runners up receiving a £25 gift voucher and one lucky winner receiving a Warlord Titan. We’ve already spoken to our first winner, Adrian O., and now, the results for the American draw are in with Nicholas J., who was nice enough to talk to us about his new Titan:

Nicholas: What does it feel like to win?  I’ll start by saying that I’m still a little in shock. I am absolutely thrilled to have won the Warlord Titan. I had honestly written it off as something I was never going to have in my collection, but something that I have wanted to pick up since its release. Since I had written it off, I hadn’t really thought about what I wanted to equip it with, but I needed to respond fairly quickly. I liked the idea of the two Belicosa volcano cannons and the carapace mounted laser blasters with a Mars-pattern head, so I chose those as a starting point. I would like to pick up some of the other weapon options well in the future, since the Arioch power claw looks so amazing. I will have to try them out on the battlefield to really figure that out.

I have learned with my larger Apocalypse models that it is important to take every opportunity to use them on the battlefield, since they come around so rarely. I always feel that I should run (or be part of) the appropriate size army to warrant fielding a towering behemoth, such as a Warlord Titan. This is going to be the first Titan of its class in my collection, however, not the first Titan. I have a fairly large collection of Eldar that contains a Revenant Titan, and I have lately been amassing a large collection of Heresy-era Thousand Sons.  

I have been toying with the idea of supporting it with a detachment of the Legio Titanicus for a while, but I haven’t written the background on it, let alone decided on which models to pick up – but now I have a starting point. I now just need to figure out which legion of the Legio Titanicus my house will hail from and begin the long process of building and painting it.

Thanks, Nicholas. If you missed out on your chance to win, but still want a Titan of your own, try out Forge World’s Warlord Titan Builder.

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