07 Dec 21

In Battletome Maggotkin of Nurgle, the Diseased Rule Is a ‘Gift’ That Just Keeps On Giving

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Everything comes in cycles for the followers of Nurgle, and inevitability is part and parcel of life. We know that you’ve been waiting for the release of Battletome Maggotkin of Nurgle, and your patience is set to be rewarded with Grandfather’s bountiful gifts this Saturday.

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Deep in the Garden of Nurgle, Grandfather concocts deadly diseases for his daemonic spawn and mortal followers to spread. He’s been working for a long time on this latest batch, and his results will bring calamity to your opponents with a new rule that will see your foes afflicted with deleterious agues and buboes.*

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That’s right, even getting close to Maggotkin units triggers this. They’ve been learning from their kin in the 41st Millenium,and have amped up the foul smells, corrosive gasses, and swarms of biting insects.

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Use this to promulgate a panoply of poxes to enemy units, making your opponent think twice about charging if they want to keep the contents of their stomachs. Unless infected units use healing magic or abilities, they won’t be able to shift this rot.

If you thought that was bad enough, you were wrong. The weapons of the Maggotkin make a mockery of good maintenance and hygiene.**  These corroded slabs of metal and suppurating Daemon claws all weep with foul blights that transfer maladies every time they score a critical blow.

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This isn’t the only vector for Disease Points. Spells and abilities also help you drown your foes in plague-ridden effluence. 

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This is a major change from their previous Battletome, and perfectly encapsulates what it feels like to try and battle against these grimy guys, where fatal blows simply cause flesh to slough off without major effect,*** while filth, flies, and rot wash back over you in retaliation.

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Battletome: Maggotkin of Nurgle is worming its way to pre-order this Saturday, but keep an eye on the Warhammer Community website as we reveal a few more details of this bilious book of blights.

* He tests these diseases on the Poxfulcrum, a daemon bestowed with the twin gifts of extreme susceptibility to disease and the ability to overpower them rapidly. How… lucky?

** Let’s be honest, it’s not just the weapons.

*** Slough is our number-one Nurgle word. There are six more.