20 Sep 21

Helbrecht Returns, the High Marshal Who Leads His Crusades From the Front

40k EmpChamp Aug9 BT Header

Of all the Chapter Masters who lead the Imperium’s Space Marines into battle, none do so with the fury and zeal of High Marshal Helbrecht of the Black Templars. 

If you’ve been excited by the recent reveals of the Emperor’s Champion and Black Templars Army Set, you’ll have been wondering whether their glorious leader has joined them in crossing the Rubicon Primaris. You don’t have to wait any longer to find out…

Amazing, right? All jazzed up in his artificer suit of Mark X armour, he looks every bit the no-nonsense crusader that we know and love. 

The new Helbrecht model faithfully reimagines this classic piece of atmospheric artwork, with the Chapter Master of the Black Templars standing triumphantly over the body of an Ork, the fabled Sword of the High Marshals lodged in its chest.

As in the artwork, Helbrecht is accompanied by a pair of attendants. One of them is feverishly cleaning the Ork blood from the High Marshal’s blade, while the other just about manages to carry his combi-melta, Ferocity – to be fair, it is almost the size of the fella himself. 

Helbrecht now comes with a choice of three heads – one helmeted and two bare – so you can customise him to suit your preferred level of zeal. He also lost a hand fighting Imotekh the Stormlord since he last got a model – a nugget of lore that’s been faithfully represented on his new miniature.

There are very few Chapters that match the aggression of the Black Templars on the battlefield and none who equal their righteous fury. With Helbrecht leading the charge, there is no battle line that they cannot sunder. 

The mighty High Marshal of the Black Templars will be available soon, as will the Black Templars Army Set – a perfect force for Helbrecht to lead. Check back often for all the latest information, and sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date with fresh developments.