11 Jun 21

How the New Edition of Warhammer Age of Sigmar Affects Every Faction

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Events are perfectly poised for an era of cataclysmic battles in the new edition of Warhammer Age of Sigmar, but how will your army fare in the Era of the Beast? 

The new, best-ever Age of Sigmar Core Rules cast every faction in a new light. To name but a few of the big changes, command abilities have a much greater impact, endless spells are more lethal and unpredictable, and unit coherency changes influence how you deploy and move your army. 

As such, we decided to take a look at every faction to examine why they deserve your hobby attention in the new edition. Each article explores one army’s lore and discusses how that army operates in battle. We’ve also asked expert playtesters to provide some extra insight and pick out units that could fare particularly well – it might be time to reassess your army lists!

Keep checking back, as we’ll be updating this page as each article goes live.

01 AoSFF Stormcast Red 02 AoSFF Orruks Red 03 AoSFF SlavesToDarkess Red 04 AoSFF Soulblight Red
05 AoSFF Slaanesh Red 06 AoSFF Ossiarch Red 07 AoSFF Sylvaneth Red 08 AoSFF Gloomspite Red
09 AoSFF Tzeentch Red 10 AoSFF FleshCourts Red 11 AoSFF CitiesSigmar Red 12 AoSFF Ogors Red
13 AoSFF Nurgle Red 14 AoSFF Nighthaunt Red 15 AoSFF Seraphon Red 16 AoSFF SonsOfBehemat Red
17 AoSFF Fyreslayers Red 18 AoSFF  DoK Red 19 AoSFF Idoneth Clear 20 AoSFF Beasts Clear
21 AoSFF Kharadrons Clear 22 AoSFF Skaven Clear 23 AoSFF Lumineth Clear 24 AoSFF Khorne Clear

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