20 Jul 21

BREAKING: Devastating Weapon of War Spotted in New Death Korps of Krieg Kill Team Footage

OctariusPreview Jul10 KT Header

Kill Team: Octarius is available to pre-order next month, which means a great many Warhammer hobbyists are about to have an absolutely amazing plastic Death Korps of Krieg squad on their desks. The models are fantastic, but we’ve noticed a theme creeping up in the comments online. “Where are the shovels?”

This alternative take on the must-see Kill Team cinematic trailer has some answers.

OF COURSE the grinding trench-warfare specialists of Krieg carry shovels into battle, because in the violent and unpredictable war zones of Warhammer 40,000, you never know when you need to dig in. 

NewKT Shovels Jul20 Image1d

Knowing that there’s a firmly entrenched fanbase out there for the humble spade, we had a look at the sprues, and we’re happy to report they’re definitely present and accounted for. You’ll soon be able to add even more character to your Krieg miniatures with these reassuringly practical weapons of war.

NewKT Shovels Jul20 Image2k

If shovels aren’t really your thing, maybe you should play the Orks. Just kidding – the versatile build options in the box include several weapon options suitable at range and in melee. We covered new ranged weapons and melee combat rules last week.

NewKT Shovels Jul20 Image3r

Try out the chainsword from the original version of the trailer, a classic push-your-luck plasma pistol, and even an officer’s power sword. No matter how you arm them, your fearless leader is sure to bring down righteous fury on the enemies of the Imperium.

If this spade-wielding hero has piqued your interest in Kill Team, take a look at the five things you need to know about this completely overhauled, best-ever take on skirmish combat in the 41st Millennium, and visit the new Kill Team website for more information.

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