07 Jul 21

Expert Painters Take On the Dominion Stormcast Eternals, and the Results Are Inspiring


The massive Dominion launch box is now in the hands of Warhammer hobbyists worldwide. Stocks are starting to run low, so If you want one of your own this is your last chance to pick up a copy! We’ve been enjoying the amazing paint schemes you’ve been sharing so far, and today we’ve decided to round up pics of some of our favourite paintjobs from the Stormcast Eternals side of the Dominion box (don’t worry, Kruleboyz fans – come back tomorrow for the best of the swamp).


It’s amazing work, and you really don’t want to miss the spectacular neon Knight-Arcanum.


Vindictors are the core of many Stormcast Thunderstrike hosts, and the colours you choose for them may well inform the look of the rest of your army. Fortunately, they look great in many different Stormhost designs. We kick things off with Vincent Knotley’s dramatic maroon-and-gold Astral Templars.

Russ Veal has done a great job of realising the shining silver plate of the Hallowed Knights. The cool gold tones blend perfectly with chrome, and the banner’s just lovely. We’d love to see him paint up the awesome Hallowed Knights hero, Gardus Steel Soul.

Johan Egerkrans has taken things a little further, using a simple head swap and adding shield decorations to transform his Vindictor into a battered veteran of an especially gruelling Dawnbringer Crusade.


Yndrasta, the Celestial Spear

The new monster-slaying champion of the Stormcast is the centrepiece of the Order side of the Dominion set, and she’s inspired some fantastic work.

Amy Snuggs painted the Yndrasta at the top of this article in the colours of the Anvils of the Heldenhammer, contrasting crisp, white wings with blue-black armour and swampy grime.

Jack Hunter, meanwhile, has opted for a dazzling silver scheme offset with blazing orange armaments.


Heroes of the Stormcast

Alongside Yndrasta, there are three further Heroes of Sigmar in Dominion – a Lord-Imperatant with his faithful gryph-hound, a standard-bearing Knight-Vexillor, and a magic-wielding Knight-Arcanum. As you’d expect, our painters have gone to town, with Chris Wildman layering deep blue cassocks on matte-white plate.


Tyler Mengel, a regular contributor to Warhammer Community, has taken a totally different tack, with a rich mix of maroon, gold, and cream for his Knight-Vexillor.

Emma Durrant has also gone with gold, but her teal-and-purple combination lends this Knight-Arcanum a very different mood, befitting a Stormhost from the Realm of Life.


And now for something completely different: Emma Svensson’s Knight-Arcanum swaps out the bare head for the masked version, and applies hatching acoss a vivid colour palette to create a miniature that looks like they really can warp reality with a magical gesture. Want to see Emma’s style applied to a whole Ork horde? Of course you do.



The Praetors are halberd-wielding bodyguards to the heroes of their Stormhosts, armed with the finest gear going. Fittingly, purple and gold livery seems to be in this season.


James Glover uses red trim to make his praetors’ moody raiment really pop, in stunning contrast to…


…Máryse Ouellet’s Praetors, which present a brilliant example of how a similar combination of colours can produce entirely different results. Her vibrant purple armour and red-gold cloaks are sure to bring terror to Sigmar’s enemies with the sheer power of their fabulousness.


But all that is not to say that Praetors can’t tone down to take cover in the shadows of a Ghurish forest. Colin Ward’s warriors have clearly spent too much time in the Kruleboyz’ swamps, and their cloaks are frankly long overdue a wash, the mucky pups.


Annihilators are another excellent centrepiece unit, striking a firm pose with expansive sheets of armour plate just begging for an elaborate paint job. Our experts are only too happy to oblige, with Tyler Mengel once again combining gold and cream to stunning effect.


Sam Lenz deployed a silver basecoat, and used Contrast paints to give his Annihilators a metallic-jade finish worthy of their elite status.


Finally, Amy Snuggs rounds us off with the same Anvils of the Heldenhammer scheme as before, with lashings of gold and lightning effects underlining their status as the best of the best.

Thanks to all of our painters for their truly fantastic work, which will hopefully give you a few new ideas for your own Dominion Stormhosts. And if you do find yourself struck by inspiration, please do share your pictures with us via the #NewAoS hashtag on Instagram or Twitter.

Tomorrow it’ll be the Kruleboyz’ turn for a painting masterclass makeover. And again, if you’ve not picked up the Dominion box yet, you’d better hurry – the remaining copies are selling fast, so this is your last chance to get your hands on the Mortal Realms’ best boxed set ever.

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