12 Jan 21

Underhive Informant – The latest Orlock gossip, straight from the domes

I don’t care if it’s the start of a new solar cycle, there are still criminals in the underhive and we won’t celebrate anything until they’re all dead or behind bars. So, sit down, shut up, and pay attention while I brief you on the new Orlock Road Sergeant and Gunners we’re hearing rumours about.

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On the road

As you know, Gunners are the mainstay of Orlock gangs. They’re hive-hardened fighters with a rebellious streak a mile wide, and we’re expecting to see more of them in the ruined domes of the underhive. Their preferred weapon is an autogun – easy to use, cheap to produce, reliable, and no frills. Just like the Orlock themselves.

You’ll usually see these fighters taking advantage of their weapons’ rate of fire to force their opponents to keep their heads down while the rest of the gang moves into position. Stay in cover, and don’t forget to use your smoke grenades.

Those Gunners that prefer to get up-close and personal carry a variety of weapons, including chainswords and stub guns. We were lucky to get this pict of a fighter without their goggles on, so they should be easier to identify if you see them when you’re on patrol. 

With a couple of fighters similarly armed, the Orlocks can prove quite a handful in melee. Make sure that you use your concussion carbines and shotguns to keep them at bay.

Sarge in charge

As if it wasn’t bad enough that we have to deal with all of these Arms Masters, we’re now seeing Road Sergeants getting upgraded weapons too. Be especially careful of those armed with heavy bolters – they’ll make you have a really bad day.

Either use your sniper rifles to outrange them, call in the Subjugators, or offer a quick prayer to the God-Emperor that they run out of ammunition quickly. Of course, if any of your rookies want to make a name for themselves, running through a hail of heavy bolter fire to take down a perp is one way to do it.

We’re not sure when these reinforcements will be arriving but make sure that you’re prepared for them by reading up on all of our intel on Orlock gangs in House of Iron. Now, get out there – the underhive isn’t going to police itself!