04 Jan 21

Get a first look at this year’s exclusive Store Anniversary models

At some point in 2021, it will be your local Warhammer store’s anniversary. How’s that for a prophetic vision? What you might not know, though, is that each year there are two exclusive models available in every store. 

Each of these special, celebratory miniatures will be available on the weekend of your store’s birthday. They’ll then remain in stock for seven more days, in order to ensure as many people as possible get their hands on these anniversary models.

So, without further ado, allow us to introduce your two exclusive models for 2021: Kamoteph the Crooked and Sylas Beastbane

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Even by the standards of the ancient Necrons, Kamoteph has been knocking about for a while. This master of eldritch devices is hunched over due to the weight of his own body and tiny scarabs crawl across his carapace – in fact, it almost looks like he’s using his Staff of Light as a walking stick. Best of all, though, you can slot him right into your Necron army in place of your regular Cryptek.

Storebirthday jan04 cryptek4safr

Storebirthday jan04 aosName9dsgr

Even the Astral Templars respect the monster-killing prowess of Knight-Questor Sylas Beastbane, and with that monstrously heavy head in their hand it’s easy to see why. You can use this model to replace a Hero in any Stormcast Eternals army. He also comes with a unique warscroll for use in narrative and open play games, where you’ll quickly discover that few foes can stand up to the one-two punch of his Questor Axe-hammer.

Storebirthday jan04 aos9safer

Both of these models will only be sold through Warhammer stores on their appointed anniversaries, but don’t worry about stock running out – if your store runs out, you can order the miniatures at the till and we’ll ship them right to the store for you to pick up.

Some hobbyists may see opening time disruptions due to the global situation, so your store’s celebration might be on a different day than it normally would. But don’t worry – everyone will still have their chance to get these celebratory models.

In addition to these fantastic miniatures, we’ve got a few more pieces of swag available to discerning hobbyists during our Store Anniversary events. You’ll have to attend the anniversaries themselves to find out how to get your hands on them, though, so make sure you turn up and celebrate with us. You know, it might even be a good time to start that new army you’ve been planning… 

Need to find out when your local Warhammer store’s anniversary is? Just ask your Store Manager the next time you pop in or give them a call for more information.