05 Oct 20

Sons of Behemat: Gargants Evolved

It’s fair to say the Mega-Gargant kit is the biggest and most impressive monster ever released for Warhammer Age of Sigmar. We’re excited to finally show you the miniature* in more detail since it’s up for pre-order this weekend.

The sheer size and versatility of the model, along with the wealth of surprising details it includes, will make the Mega-Gargant an instant classic with collectors, display painters, and gamers alike. 

Talking of classics, what you may not realise is that this new kit is the logical extension of design cues originating nearly 40 years ago. If you think these new models are amazing, one could say it’s because they stand on the shoulders of, well, giants! 

Giants have long been some of the most impressive models in the Warhammer hobby, stretching all the way back to the 1980s. Back then, it was no easy feat to cast large models in metal, and the first giant was a MASSIVE achievement.

Despite the design challenges of the time, the look of the Citadel Giant would go on to inform every successor. Note the patchwork clothing, trophies from previous victims, the use of shields as makeshift armour, and the improvised club: it’s all there. 

Though the original has remained extremely rare, the next iteration is far more recognisable to hobbyists of a certain age. This giant was a hit (a big hit, with that massive club!) from day one, and stayed incredibly popular for many years. 

While the design and sculpting were given an update, you can see the same elements that have survived right into the modern kits. What’s always worked in the giants’ favour is the sense of scale the details lend to the composition. You can instantly recognise exactly what the scavenged armour and patchwork clothing used to be (and to whom it originally belonged). 

The Mega-Gargants take this classic formula and turn it up to 11. While still fitting in perfectly with the Aleguzzler Gargant, the increase in size makes a huge impact before you notice anything else. 

The extra surface area of the kit allowed the designers to go wild adding in characterful details, ultimately allowing the box to build three very distinct types of Mega-Gargant, each with their own aesthetic. 

The number of options in the box is really impressive and ensures collectors will be able to buy as many Mega-Gargants as their heart’s desire, while still making each one unique. 

Each version has a clear theme, from the Kraken-eater’s nautical touches, like nets and anchors, to the Warstomper’s barbaric trophies, and the Gatebreaker’s architectural gubbins. 

No matter which version you build, you’ll end up with loads of leftover bits for future kitbashes and conversions. The Aleguzzler Gargant kit is well known for having fantastic and versatile components, and this box is set to add to that legacy. 

Every army in Warhammer Age of Sigmar can include a Mega-Gargant, so you don’t have to admire them from afar. The kit goes up for pre-order this Saturday, so start thinking about how you’ll build and paint your own! 

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* Though it’s hardly fair to call this a miniature… We really need to come up with a name for these epic “miniatures”.