11 Jul 22

Your Journey Into the Heart of Ghur Starts With a Look Inside the New Warcry Boxed Set

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Warcry is the fast-paced skirmish game set within the Mortal Realms of Warhammer Age of Sigmar, which sees small warbands fighting it out for glory, loot, or a simple thirst for blood. At Warhammer Preview Online – Summer Skirmish, we announced the second edition of the game, spearheaded by the new Heart of Ghur boxed set.

Box Contents

Now it’s time to lift the lid and get a good look at what’s inside – whether you’re an experienced Warcry campaigner or brand new to the game, you’ll want to see the treasures contained within.

The Warbands

They may carry hammers and other tools of the forge, but the Horns of Hashut prefer destruction to creation. They harness the power of fire and leave nothing but charred corpses in their wake, just as Hashut demands.*

Horns of Hashut

Facing off against the Horns of Hashut are the Rotmire Creed, twisted followers of Lord Leech.** These hardy warriors seek to transform the verdant forest into a diseased swampland – a perfect place for their deity to call home.

Rotmire Creed

Both warbands have tricks up their sleeves, which we’ll be taking a closer look at soon.

The Scenery

The new season of Warcry takes the action away from the Varanspire*** and into the living forests of Ghur, better known as the Gnarlwood. You can create stunning multi-height battlegrounds with rope bridges connecting the watchtower, gnarloaks, and rib platform. 


Keep your eyes on those meat trees, and don’t get too close to some of those smaller pieces of scenery – they can be deadly.

The Core Book 

Heart of Ghur contains the complete rulebook for the new edition of Warcry. Known as the Core Book, it sets the scene for your battles in the Realm of Beasts and includes the rules for Open Play, Matched Play, and Narrative Play games.

Core Book

Keep your eyes on the Warcry section of warhammer-community.com as we’ll be taking a look at some of the rules updates for the new edition soon.

The Warband Tome

Rot and Ruin contains the rules and background for the two new Warcry warbands, terrain rules for fighting in the Gnarlwood, and faction-specific quests for the Horns of Hashut and the Rotmire Creed.

Warband Tome: Rot and Ruin

This book is basically like a mini battletome for the two new warbands, containing everything you need to get them on the tabletop. There’s a load of other great stuff in there too including two campaign arcs, and tables for naming your fighters and deciding the background of your warband’s leader.****

The Accessories

The box comes with masses of accessories, which are crucial for playing Warcry, including a game board, battleplan cards, tokens, dice, a range ruler, fighter cards, and ability cards.


We’ll be seeing a lot more of the Heart of Ghur boxed set in the lead-up to its release, including more on the warbands, the lethal setting, and the new rules. This is going to be the best time ever to start playing Warcry and everything you need is in the box. Sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date with all of the latest from the Gnarlwood.

* We’re not sure whether this so-called Father of Darkness is an actual god, but we do know he’s very popular with Chaos-corrupted duardin.

** We’re not sure who Lord Leech is, but the Rotmire Creed do seem to like green clothes and diseases.

*** Catch up on what the other Chaos warbands were getting up to around the Varanspire with Warcry: The Anthology from Black Library.

**** Will yours be a pitiless tyrant or a deluded genius?