05 Oct 21

When the Black Templars Take a Vow in Their New Codex Supplement, They Really Mean it

40k EmpChamp Aug9 BT Header

If you caught our latest Sunday Preview, you’ll be acutely aware that the mighty Black Templars Army Set is up for pre-order this weekend. It comes with a shiny new codex supplement (complete with an exclusive cover, no less), and in it you’ll find all the awesome knightly rules you could possibly hope for.

40k BTVows Oct5 Image1 – ver 2

Foremost among the new rules are the Templar Vows. Long-term squires of the Chapter may remember these from when the heirs of Sigismund first burst onto the scene in Warhammer 40,000’s third edition. Well, Templar Vows are back and more binding than ever! Let’s learn a bit more about them.

40k BTVows Oct5 Boxout1

If you want to channel the unrelenting aggression of the Black Templars, choose to Accept Any Challenge, No Matter the Odds.

40k BTVows Oct5 Boxout2

The ability to ensure that your units are always gaining an additional attack and improving the AP of their melee weapons by 1 is a formidable combination. You may lose the tactical flexibility of being able to Fall Back, but that’s less of an issue when your enemies all lie in pieces at your feet.

The Black Templars have always reserved a special hatred for Psykers. If you share their determination to eliminate these abominations, vow to Abhor the Witch, Destroy the Witch.

40k BTVows Oct5 Boxout3

A throwback to the classic ability to rush towards the nearest Psyker at the start of the game, this Templar Vow enables you to close the distance on your chosen quarry at a terrifying pace. That’s a Move characteristic of 17″ for an Outrider Squad, which could well be the edge they need to get a turn-one charge. And if there’s a Psyker in the way, even better!

40k BTVows Oct5 Image2

We’ll showcase more rules from the codex supplement over the course of this week as we build up to the release of the Black Templars Army Set it lands with, so check back with us every day this week, and get ready to pre-order your set on Saturday.