01 Jun 21

The Adepta Sororitas’ Latest Reinforcements Just Love Whacking Things With Giant Maces

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Last month during Warhammer Fest Online we got a good look at all of the new models coming soon to the Adepta Sororitas. Battle Sisters across the board are about to see all manner of updates in the upcoming Codex: Adepta Sororitas, and to get into the crusading spirit we’re giving you a sneak peek at how they fight.

ASNewUnits June01 SistersTerrain3lc9k

Fans of maces, in particular, will have cause to rejoice, as they’re a favoured weapon among the God-Emperor’s most faithful, and many of the new warriors we’ll meet this week are a dab hand at cracking skulls with them on the battlefield.

Paragon Warsuit

ASNewUnits June01 ParagonStats6cn4

Piloted by the most worthy Sisters of the elite Celestians, Paragon Warsuits are deployed wherever the fighting is thickest. Their large, armoured bulk, coupled with surprising agility, allows them to duel with the most fearsome of enemies and emerge victorious. The finely wrought suits are a cut above regular-sized power armour, featuring many of the same systems but in a greatly more durable package.

ASNewUnits June01 Paragon2cnh45

Commonly equipped with one of the holy trinity of Adepta Sororitas heavy weapons – the heavy bolter, Ministorum heavy flamer, and multi-melta – they also wield huge melee weapons crackling with power fields to tear through enemy armour like it was tissue paper.

ASNewUnits June01 ParagonBlade78vj

ASNewUnits June01 ParagonMace1xn3

Celestian Sacresant

ASNewUnits June01 SacresantStats4c42k

While many members of the Celestians are trained to act as bodyguards for their Canoness and take to the field with the trusty boltgun at their side, others venture out into the galaxy on holy quests. When these Sacresants answer the call to war and return to their Order, they take up thick powered shields and heavy melee weapons to fight at the very forefront of the Adepta Sororitas’ campaigns.

ASNewUnits June01 Mace0kc8

ASNewUnits June01 Halberd9k9x


ASNewUnits June01 DogmataStats5cjl6

The fearsome Dogmatas uphold righteousness among their fellow Sisters, and while we’ve seen just why their allies fear and respect them in equal measure, it’s worth knowing that their enemies have just as much reason to stay away from these exceptional warriors. The aptly named mace of the righteous isn’t just a mark of office, after all, and is quite capable of bowling over man and monster alike while the Dogmata bellows their hymns of battle.

ASNewUnits June01 MaceRighteous8vjk7

ASNewUnits June01 UnflinchingDet18dj3

Be sure to pick up Codex: Adepta Sororitas when it arrives for pre-order on Saturday to get the full details for all of the new units, as well as the frankly terrifying Morvenn Vahl, and much more.