17 May 21

Teleportation, Invisibility, or Orange Paint – Find the Forge World That’s Right for You

The Adeptus Mechanicus codex is up for pre-order this coming Saturday, but we couldn’t wait to tell you about some of the updated rules for the major forge worlds. If you’re thinking about starting up an Adeptus Mechanicus army, consider this article a primer to help you see which forge world is right for you. If none of them quite fit the bill, you can always use the new book to create your own – more on that later. 

SundayPreview Apr18 AM Codex

 Every forge world has its own dogma to represent the overall demeanour, a unique Stratagem, a Warlord Trait, and access to special Relics, called Arcana Mechanicum. Let’s break down a few of the differences that make the forge worlds distinct from each other. 

AdMechForgeWorlds Apr19 MarsHeader173h4

As the founding forge world and the religious centre of the Adeptus Mechanicus, the armies of Mars believe themselves to be the best of the best. These forces are always trying to prove their supremacy in battle – driven by rigorous training and ready access to the copious resources of the Red Planet. 

AdMechForgeWorlds Apr19 MastersForge17sz2

AdMechForgeWorlds Apr19 MarsTerrain374h

Filled with righteous fury, Mars’ Tech-Priest masters push their troops to strike down foes with extreme prejudice. 

AdMechForgeWorlds Apr19 WrathofMars8x93k4

As befitting such an ancient and hallowed place, the arsenal of Mars is overflowing with potent wargear and priceless Relics, for which the means of production has long since been lost.

AdMechForgeWorlds Apr19 RedAxe93o4

Summary: The archetypal model that others aspire to. Good at absolutely everything.

AdMechForgeWorlds Apr19 LuciusHeader28ch4

Forge World Lucius employs many materials and technologies that are virtually unknown elsewhere, secrets that it jealously guards. Its weapons and wargear perform statistically better than most, a trait for which it’s justifiably proud.

AdMechForgeWorlds Apr19 Solar7x823

Having long since replaced every scrap of their hollow planet with technology, this forge world is wholly dependent on a constant stream of resources from outside their own system. This makes Lucius one of the most… acquisitive forge worlds of all. 

AdMechForgeWorlds Apr19 LegioTeleportarium9xk34

The process of teleportation is usually fraught with peril, as barely understood technologies are prone to failure. Not so for the armies of Lucius, who have a unique mastery over it. They’ve even created hyper-localised teleportation devices, which their units use with casual abandon.

Summary: A tough gunline army that can shrug off foes, and they can teleport, too. 

AdMechForgeWorlds Apr19 AgripinaaHeader3x81k2

Under constant threat for centuries, due to their proximity to the Eye of Terror, the armies of Agripinaa are famed for their grim resolve in the face of all enemies.

AdMechForgeWorlds Apr19 Staunch2x723

The appalling casualties incurred from constantly fending off the forces of Chaos creates a ceaseless churn of new recruits, and this has led them to develop battle-ready combat servitors further than others.

AdMechForgeWorlds Apr19 Indentured10d83

Endless war has created no shortage of legendary martyrs, and the dour Agripinaa Tech-Priests often find ways to extend their duty beyond death.  

AdMechForgeWorlds Apr19 EyeXiLexum990so

Summary: Aggressive and hard-hitting. Good at taking on heavily armoured foes. 

AdMechForgeWorlds Apr19 GraiaHeader4x822

Adherents to the cold logic of the machine, no cost is too high to achieve the goals the Graia priesthood sets for them. They will stand their ground to the last because they know no other way.

AdMechForgeWorlds Apr19 Refusall6069

Their sheer inhumanity also grants them a modicum of protection against the forces of the warp – a good thing, as the Adeptus Mechanicus doesn’t regularly employ psykers of their own.

AdMechForgeWorlds Apr19 SteelMind11c73h

Nothing is forbidden in the pursuit of efficiency, and no bodily modification too grotesque. Though the means may be unsavoury, nobody can doubt their effectiveness in the heat of battle.

AdMechForgeWorlds Apr19 CerebralTechMitre63d83

Summary: Very difficult to shift off objectives or out of cover. Can resist psychic powers.

AdMechForgeWorlds Apr19 StygiesHeader5m19n

Secretive to a standard that’s off-putting even to other devotees of the Machine Cult, the Tech-Priests of Stygies VIII keep their deeds and motivations close to their metallic chests. They also make use of mysterious (some may say forbidden) technologies to mask their movements and scramble enemy scanners and sensors. 

AdMechForgeWorlds Apr19 Shroud4d73

The dark colour of their uniforms, combined with a variety of esoteric machines, allows the armies of the Stygies VIII to employ sneaky tactics most other forge worlds find distasteful.

AdMechForgeWorlds Apr19 Clandestine128ch3

Concealed weaponry is yet another branch of technology eschewed by other forge worlds yet embraced by Stygies VIII. Even the canniest enemy can be taken off guard by the use of such rare and destructive devices.

AdMechForgeWorlds Apr19 OmnissiahsHand65hf5

Summary: They’re the sneaky ones. Great against armies that would rather sit back and shoot at you.  

AdMechForgeWorlds Apr19 RyzaHeader8c819

Ryza is a bit… different. While nearly all other forge worlds adhere to the near-sacred red, white, and black colours of Mars, Ryza shows up in bright orange. They also relish close-quarters combat more than others.

AdMechForgeWorlds Apr19 RedInCog3x92k3

AdMechForgeWorlds Apr19 RyzaTerrain3174h

Ryza specialises in the power of plasma weaponry, as much for the intensity of their violence as the wonder of the machines. Adding extra damage on such strong weapons can turn the tide of battle if applied judiciously. 

AdMechForgeWorlds Apr19 PlasmaSpec13x732

Do not mistake their aggressive tactics for hesitancy to unleash firepower at range. Their willingness to experiment off and on the battlefield has led to the creation of some exceptionally destructive guns, though they might not be able to replicate them.

AdMechForgeWorlds Apr19 WeaponXCIX3713

Summary: The stabbiest of the cyborgs, Ryza like close-range plasma blasts and getting their hands dirty.

AdMechForgeWorlds Apr19 MetalicaHeader6zs01

This is another forge world with unusual livery, going heavy on the white. Ever advancing in a deafening march that calls to mind the heavy machinery of their home, the armies of Metalica stop for nothing.

AdMechForgeWorlds Apr19 Relentless59k4

Using sound and fury as a weapon unto itself, the shock and awe of their assault can break the will of the foe even as their guns spit hot death.

AdMechForgeWorlds Apr19 Deafening37fyh4

AdMechForgeWorlds Apr19 Metalica9vj5

This incredible bionic arm makes flesh look extra weak. Its raw power can crush an enemy into little more than a gory pulp.

AdMechForgeWorlds Apr19 AdamantineArm4d764

Summary: Metalica grinds across the battlefield in a relentless wave. They can also deny the enemy overwatch, so they’re great against shooty armies.

AdMechForgeWorlds Apr19 CustomFWHeader7x923

While the primary forge worlds offer some fun and thematic options to choose from, you might have an idea for something that’s better suited to your army’s concept, preferred fighting style, or a common opponent.

AdMechForgeWorlds Apr19 Custom136wg

Or perhaps you simply want to use an unusual colour scheme or give your army a special name. Good thing there are all sorts of forge worlds strewn across the Imperium. The Distant Worlds rules allow you to create your own. 

You start by choosing from one of four Primary dogmas, each with three Secondary dogmas to refine them further. For example, you might decide to start with a Data-Hoard Forge World that safeguards arcane knowledge and exotic technology. That makes their highly advanced vehicles a bit tougher. 

AdMechForgeWorlds Apr19 Magnabonded7x83

From there, you may decide to further strengthen your vehicles with self-repairing devices and indomitable machine spirits.

AdMechForgeWorlds Apr19 Autosavant71t34

There are loads of options in the Adeptus Mechanicus codex, so you’re sure to find something that suits you. While you’re waiting for the book to go up for pre-order this weekend, grab a Start Collecting! Adeptus Mechanicus box to get the ball rolling. 

Check back later this week as we continue exploring Codex: Adeptus Mechanicus in more detail.