23 Feb 21

Killzones let you build a Warhammer 40,000 battlefield in minutes

As you may have seen in our Sunday Preview, this week’s pre-orders see not only a brand new Kill Team expansion,* but also the return of the classic Killzone scenery and rules, all wrapped up in their own convenient book. 

Killzones Feb23 ContentUPDATED

Players of Kill Team will find newly updated versions of all the rules they need to create deadly themed battlefields in one convenient package, but it’s the scenery sets themselves that will really catch the eye of both new and veteran Warhammer 40,000 players.

By combining two of the Killzone sets, both boards arranged side-by-side form the exact size battlefield you need for your Combat Patrol and Incursion games. Then, mix their scenery pieces together with other terrain from some of the many Sector Mechanicus and Battlezone: Manufactorum kits to create a rich and vibrant cityscape to wage war in.

Best of all, the size of the battlefield is perfect for introducing friends and family to the Warhammer hobby by playing their first 500-point games. Two players with a Combat Patrol box and a Killzone each will have all the models they need to dive right into the 41st Millennium, so if you’re thinking of introducing your school or local club to Warhammer Alliance, it’s a great place to begin.

The Killzone boards are even double-sided, with every set having one side that matches with all the others so you won’t be fighting across an odd patchwork of streets, jungles and wastelands. That is, unless you want to – the Great Rift has done strange things to the galaxy, after all.

Be sure to pre-order the Killzone scenery boxes and rulebook when they go up for pre-order this Saturday, whether you’re a hardened Kill Team veteran or a rookie Warhammer 40,000 player, and gift your army with a brand new region to conquer.

* Which has its own set of lethal terrain, by the way.