31 Dec 20

Model of the Year 2020 – The Results

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This year has seen some of the finest miniatures Games Workshop has ever produced hit the tables, and as usual we’ve asked you to select your favourite to crown Model of the Year.

Some mighty contenders from across the Warhammer range have made 2020 a year to remember for hobbyists, so before we get to the winner we’d like to take a moment to give some honourable mentions the time they deserve in the spotlight.

MiniOfYear2020 Results Dec31 Mentions1hc
Sporting a fresh new Primaris body and the same furious whirlwind of chainblade carnage we know and love, Ragnar Blackmane roared back onto the scene in Psychic Awakening: Saga of the Beast after a dramatic duel with Ghazghkull Thraka left him mortally wounded.

MiniOfYear2020 Results Dec31 Mentions3oz
Making his debut onto the battlefields of Warhammer Age of Sigmar with this huge miniature, Archmage Teclis is clearly not bothered by petty mortal concerns like gravity as he floats above his scenic base. Some say his puffy sleeves and pants are just filled with helium…

MiniOfYear2020 Results Dec31 Mentions2en
Returning to the galaxy with cold ambition in his eyes, Szarekh, The Silent King made his entrance known to the world with the stunningly ornate Dais of Dominion as his chariot.* He even brought a few of his friends along for the ride, although the shackled C’tan shard above him doesn’t seem too pleased to be there…

MiniOfYear2020 Results Dec31 Mentions3sdf

Bigger doesn’t always mean better but in the case of the incredible Mega-Gargant, it does! This is one giant kit that makes three gargantuan options – the Warstomper, the Kraken-eater, and the Gatebreaker. The biggest Monster in the Mortal Realms almost managed to club its way into the top 3 but just couldn’t quite break down the final gate.

Ready to see who made it to the top this year? You’ll have to wait just a little longer, because our second and third place winners have made it known that they deserve a mention too, and the last thing we want is a revolt on our hands.

MiniOfYear2020 Result Dec31 StKatherine7wxHot on the heels of the Adeptus Sororitas’ long-awaited return to the tabletop came this miniature unlike any other released before. The Triumph of Saint Katherine is a funerary procession of six relic bearers accompanied by cherubs and the skeletal remains of the saint herself. It’s a true sight to behold, and a glorious centrepiece for a Sisters of Battle army.

MiniOfYear2020 Result Dec31 VoidDragon6qhIn a strong field of Necron contestants, the spectacularly dynamic C’tan Shard of the Void Dragon edged out all of the others to take the second-place spot. Suspended on a crackling field of emerald lightning and chunks of masonry, this fusion of smooth metallic necrodermis and geometric Necron technology is a true feast for the eyes from every angle.

As good as these are, though, there can only be one true winner. Without further ado, we present the winner of Model of the Year 2020, chosen by you.


MiniOfYear2020 Result Dec31 Makari4sdg

WAAAAAGH! Green iz da best!

That’s right, it is our great pleasure to announce that legendary Gretchin banner-bearer Makari joins the esteemed company of Model of the Year winners with his loyal companion Ghazghkull in t…

What, Ghazghkull won?

Ahem. As we were saying, it is our great pleasure to announce that Da Prophet of Gork and Mork has done what he does best and fought off the competition toof an’ nail to be crowned Model of the Year 2020. Not even a severed head could prevent Ghazghkull Thraka from shaking the galaxy with a thunderous cry of WAAAGH! and storming his way into a well-deserved first-place finish.

MiniOfYear2020 Result Dec31 Ghaz1cvs

Did your favourite miss out on the top spot? Head over to the Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Age of Sigmar Facebook pages to discuss the results and tell everybody how it was all a set-up and how Makari really should have won. While you’re there, feel free to speculate wildly about who you might see in 2021 and who’ll take the crown next year – after all, it’s sure to be another excellent year for Warhammer miniatures, and you never know whose guess might turn out to be correct…

* A certain imperishable Tomb King would approve.