04 Nov 20

Three MORE reasons to visit your Warhammer Store!

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Your local Warhammer store is about to get even better!

It’s already got friendly staff, it’s packed with awesome models to buy, and inspiring cabinets and display tables filled with incredible armies. Well, from this Saturday, there are three more reasons to visit, including free models, Pick ‘N’ Mix Paint Sets and collectible coins!

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Let’s take a look at these sweet new reasons to visit:

A Free Model Every Month

Yep, you read that right. Free! Every month, you’ll be able to pick up a new model at no cost, themed around one of the month’s releases. 

With the epic new Broken Realms narrative arc for Warhammer Age of Sigmar kicking off this month, November’s models are Witch Aelves! Morathi would be proud. 

Getting your free model is easy – just stop by your local Warhammer store and ask! Many stores will also be running painting competitions around the month’s free model – even more reason to try your hand at painting something a little different. Best to get to your store early each month – they will only have so many free models to give out.

Store Nov02 DoKWitchAelf01k3

In summary: New free model in your local Warhammer store every month! 

Earn Collectible Coins

Each month there is also a collectible coin, your reward for supporting your local Warhammer store. Sticking to the Broken Realms: Morathi theme, this beauty is the first one for your collection:

Store Nov02 DoKCoin912ks

There’ll be a new coin to collect each month and will include iconic symbols from Warhammer Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40,000, starting with Daughters of Khaine for November. 

The thing about coin collections is that they look way better in a nice display! So, after you’ve collected six different coins, you can claim a gorgeous booklet to show off your Warhammer coin collection to the world.

Store Nov02 Displaybox372h3

Each month, you can claim your coin with a qualifying spend of £60, €80 or $100 USD – easily covered by a Combat Patrol, or a Start Collecting! set and some paints.

Speaking of paints…

Pick ‘N’ Mix Paint Set – Get a Pot Free!

Need to stock up on paints? Want to have complete control over the paints you choose? Want us to chuck a free one in? We’ve got you! 

Choose any ten pots from the Citadel Colour range, and you’ll get the most expensive one free! Whether you’re looking for loads of Contrast to get your new models Battle Ready, want some Layer and Shade paints to take them to the next level, or are after Technical paints for those finishing touches, you’ll be able to select exactly the colours you need.

Store Nov02 Paintset83k3

All this starts from Saturday 7th November: brace yourself!

To locate your local Warhammer store and start enjoying these new offers, be sure to check out our handy Store Finder. 

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But I’m on Lockdown

Yep, us too! 

We know there are a bunch of you unable to shop in stores right now due to local restrictions. Don’t worry – your local Warhammer stores will get all this great stuff as soon as it’s safe for them to reopen. And you needn’t worry about missing out on the collectable coins either. Let’s say for example that your local store is closed this month and is reopening next month. Well, when you pop down there will be two coins on the offing – this month’s and the next. If your store is closed for longer, then all of the coins over that period will be ready and waiting for you.

Every Warhammer store will get the opportunity to get every collectible coin!

As ever, the best way to stay up to date on what’s happening at your local store and with the Warhammer hobby at large, is to sign up to our newsletter.