16 Oct 20

We’ve Been Painting Mega-Gargants!

The Sons of Behemat are the next big thing in Warhammer Age of Sigmar – and things don’t come much bigger! We wanted to see what some of the keen painters in the Warhammer Community team could do with these majestic models… and we weren’t disappointed! Let’s take a look at how our hobby heroes converted and painted these behemoths.

First up was Laura, who decided her gargant would hail from the Realm of Death. Halloween is approaching, after all. She also wrote her own background for her new monster – a very fitting thing to do for such a monumental addition to a collection.

Laura: Wherever warfare can be found across Shyish, Humbawa, The Bloody Titan, will be drawn there like a moth to a flame. A monstrous creature devoted only to rage and ruin, Humbawa has even become a subject of worship by some in the Realm of Death. They venerate the Mega-Gargant as a living manifestation of Nagash’s harvest, for who can truly be said to gift more souls to the Great Necromancer?

CommunityGargants Oct16 Laura3ijdk4

This kit was a ridiculous joy to convert. I wanted to make something that would strike equal parts terror and devotion into my opponents (perhaps a bit more of the former). I’ve converted a few characters from Magnus the Red over the years, so that gave me lots of large, ornate armour and weapons to play with – brutal yet finely crafted. 

I started adding almost everything I could find onto Humbawa, as if every new piece might tell a story of some conquest or a culture’s veneration – his halo is even made from a curtain ring and a lot of skulls! His head comes from the Mindstealer Sphiranx, with some of Magnus’ hair and some spare pieces from a Keeper of Secrets.

CommunityGargants Oct16 Lauradetails92sk3

Needless to say, I had a lot of fun with this monster – and I’m very tempted to build another, perhaps a rival to Humbawa’s might!

We look forward to seeing that rival! While Laura’s Mega-Gargant is a manifestation of Death, our remaining two converters made Mega-Gargants deep in the grip of Chaos, with predictably epic results.

Adam: The Mega-Gargant is, without doubt, one of the kits I’ve been most excited to get my hands on for a long time. When I was offered the opportunity to convert and paint one up, I absolutely jumped at the chance!

CommunityGargants Oct16 Adam6cu39ak

I rarely convert models, so I didn’t try anything too adventurous. I opted to add some rubble to the base, making it look like the Gatebreaker was wading through a ruin, probably one he’d just smashed down. 

CommunityGargants Oct16 AdamDetails38j4

The other fairly obvious change was the addition of a massive flail, using leftover parts from a number of Bloodthirsters I’d built for my Reapers of Vengeance Khorne army. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out – he looks like a massive Khorne warrior! I had so much fun painting him up that I’ve pre-ordered another Mega-Gargant, along with a bunch of Mancrushers. They’ll all be getting some form of Khornate treatment, with lots of red cloth and plenty of blood and gore!

John: I’ve had the urge to work on a Nurgle gargant for a long time now, and when I got my hands on a Mega-Gargant, I put my plan into action on this monstrous canvas. 

CommunityGargants Oct16 John981k3

I cut off the belly and, using modelling putty, built a plague-spewing cavern full of rotting organs and even a friendly Nurgling. Guts spilt down from the hole, and I covered the beast with boils and added a hive for plague flies on the back. The kit is so flexible that I mixed and matched the accessories around his waist to suit the look I was going for – a Mega-Gargant lost in the Garden of Nurgle. 

On one arm, he has a claw (borrowed from a Defiler) and the other, well, that’s the Kraken-eater arm, which brought Gutrot Spume’s plague fleets to my mind. The skin was fun to paint – a base of Kislev Flesh, washed in patches with Athonian Camoshade and Carroburg Crimson, before being highlighted back up and finally glazed with thinned Skeleton Horde. It gives it a lovely bruised, rotten look that I’m sure Grandfather Nurgle approves of!

CommunityGargants Oct16 JohnDetails37h4k3

Whether blood-soaked or rotting, a Chaos-themed Mega-Gargant definitely looks effective! Thanks to all our painters for their hard work and frankly, somewhat disturbing imaginations. Whether you’ve pre-ordered a Mega-Gargant or plan on grabbing one from your local store this weekend, you’ll want some top tips on how to paint such a majestic model. Fortunately, we’ve been bringing you gargantuan guides all week.

Battle Ready and Parade Ready guides for the Warstomper will give you all the basic techniques you need to paint any of the three Mega-Gargants. Additional videos showcasing the details on the Kraken-eater and Gatebreaker are joined by a guide dedicated to different flesh effects. However you want to paint your Mega-Gargant, you’ll find useful advice here. Check them out now!

The Mega-Gargant kit will be in your local Warhammer store tomorrow – find your nearest shop here, pick one up, and remember to use #WarhammerCommunity on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to show us your all-conquering monsters!