25 Aug 20

House of Blades – Hired Guns and Hangers-on

We’ve already seen the awesome new fighters that have joined the Escher clan in the form of the Death-maidens and Wyld Runners. Today, we’re taking a look at the new Hired Guns and Hangers-on that the House of Blades book brings to Escher gangs. 

Just Hangin’ Around

House of Blades adds a pair of Escher-specific Hangers-on in the form of an Apprentice Clan Chymist and a Shivver. On the front line, the young Chymist learns how to concoct various toxins and, if they’re fortunate, they might get to participate in the creation of a Death-maiden.*

In the underhive, there are rumours that Shivvers have uncanny foresight, and there are many Gang Queens who would seek such an advantage. Once a Shivver has set up residence in a gang’s hideout, they may bless a fighter with their precognition.

This also opens up some interesting options in a campaign. For example, if your Arbitrator allows it, maybe you could charge other gangs to visit your mighty oracle. 

Screaming for a Bounty

House Escher also gets a new house-specific Bounty Hunter in the form of Betti Banshee. She was once a Gang Queen until an unfortunate encounter with a Goliath ‘Zerker saw her lose her throat and lower jaw.** Fortunately, a local doc had just the thing – a vox-hailer from an old devotional servitor. Soon enough, her mechanical voice was echoing throughout the underhive, a sound that means death for the enemies of House Escher.

On the tabletop, Betti is an incredibly useful fighter, the perfect combination of fast, strong, and deadly.

Thanks to her vox-hailer, she can disable enemy fighters with her terrifying screech, giving her plenty of time to cut them down with her power blades.

Keep Your Friends Close

While any gang can ally with House Ulanti, the Escher clan have a special bond with this noble house. Once allied, you can add a Ulanti Court Advisor to your gang before a battle. Of course, a Ulanti Courtier wouldn’t go anywhere without their bodyguard, a Mirror Mask.

Ulanti Courtiers are experts at close combat. To reflect this, they have the Duellist special rule, which allows them to cut down any enemy fighter foolish enough to charge them.

The Mirror Mask, meanwhile, has an ability that enables them to swap positions with the Courtier. Are they surrounded by a group of Corpse Grinder Cultists? Get them out of there quickly.

Not only are these useful in the game, but they also provide some fantastic modelling opportunities. Maybe Elucia Vhane would make an excellent base for a Ulanti Courtier, and how about using a Drukhari Reaver helmet for your Mirror Mask?***

All of these new options can be found in Necromunda: House of Blades, along with other Hangers-on and alliances for any gang. The definitive tome of all things Escher is available to pre-order now, so grab your copy today.

* It’s debatable whether the recipient of their attention would consider themselves to be quite so lucky.
** If you think that was bad, you should see what she did to the ‘Zerker!
*** If you do convert your own Ulanti Courtiers, make sure that you share them on the Necromunda Facebook page.