01 Apr 23

Build Steely Muscle and Develop an Iron Will With the Latest Warhammer Fitness Innovation

We know what you’re thinking, Warhammer 40,000 fans – how will you maintain your shredded physiques now that the new edition is cutting down the amount of books and boxes you need to carry? Free core rules and downloadable datacards leave you with barely any iron to pump – and in danger of looking less Eightbound, and more Gretchin.

Fear not. A new way to exercise is here.

Crush your reps like Aeldari skulls with the Mark-19 Emperor-class Primarch Fitness Warhammer – part of our new Adeptus Exercisus program. Many long-time Warhammer fans remember their first gains from moving solid metal Dreadnoughts around the table, and this new innovation in personal fitness is the first step towards replicating these legendary feats of strength and endurance.

The Fitness Warhammer is ergonomically designed so you can smash your exercise targets all day long, just like the Captain that you are inside. Just lift, swing, and achieve greatness.

AprFools Apr01 Pic1

If you’re looking to get your hands on this beast of an exercise tool, you won’t need to wait long. All that’s left is to make sure it passes important safety checks and doesn’t pose a danger to miniatures, windows, other Warhammer fans, and yourself. It’ll be out any day now.

Warning: Results not guaranteed. This hammer is supplied unpainted and requires assembly. 400mm Citadel Round Base not included. May impose negative modifiers to hit rolls. Rules for using the Mark-19 Emperor-class Primarch Fitness Warhammer can be found in the upcoming Abs of Iron supplement.