15 Jun 21

Ghur Basically Eats Your Objectives With the Rules in the New General’s Handbook

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The new edition of Warhammer Age of Sigmar is getting closer every day. We’ve already learnt how endless spells will cause magical mayhem and delved into some of the continually developing lore of the Mortal Realms. Now, it’s time to turn the spotlight onto the new General’s Handbook.

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This year’s General’s Handbook is the indispensable guide for anyone playing matched play games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar. Thanks to its ring-bound construction, it’s handier than ever before as it can sit open on your gaming table, while its easy-to-use tabs make finding specific sections a doddle.

GHB2021 Jun15 PitchedBattlesBook18fj3Along with the core rules, the General’s Handbook includes updated warscrolls for the universal endless spells and 12 battleplans designed explicitly for matched play. Just take a look at how packed this book is.

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These battleplans see you fight your way through Ghur, a land that is nearly as carnivorous as the creatures that inhabit it. You can use any of the core battalions featured in the Core Book in these battleplans, or you can choose from a pair of core battalions designed specifically for the General’s Handbook – the Alpha-beast Pack and the Hunters of the Heartlands. Each comes complete with its own unique battalion ability to reflect the hard-won experience of its constituent units. 

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Meanwhile, the new realm rules let you feel like you’re actually battling through the Realm of Beasts. For example, beware of a Seismic Shift that could cause one of your crucial objective markers to be consumed by the ground itself.

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We’ve already explored how going second in the new edition rewards you with an extra command point. Now, you have an additional incentive to choose to take the second turn in the third battle round.*

On the other hand, your spellcasters can draw on the energies of Ghur to enact monstrous transformations that can turn the tide of a battle.

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That means your chosen Hero can roar and stomp their way across the battlefield, making use of the new edition’s powerful monstrous rampages to thwart your enemies. Those aren’t the only realm rules that will come into play as you battle for control of Ghur – pick up the book to discover even more.

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The General’s Handbook pack also comes with a second book, which features all of the updated pitched battle profiles for every unit in Warhammer Age of Sigmar. If you’re going to any tournaments in the 2021 season, this is a must-have book. 

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Along with the Pitched Battle Profiles, you’ll also get a punchboard that features 14 double-sided tokens, allowing you to easily keep track of objectives and battle tactics in the heat of your games.

The General’s Handbook 2021 is available to pre-order from Saturday. Make sure you check back tomorrow for more updates on the new edition of Warhammer Age of Sigmar, and sign up for our newsletter to ensure you don’t miss a single article.

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* Don’t forget, there’s nothing stopping you from using these special realm rules in your open play or narrative games too.