10 Jun 21

The Only Thing Scarier Than Dominion’s Killaboss Is the Hungry-looking Mount They Ride

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While the Kruleboyz are known mainly for their cunning schemes and sneaky tactics, the orruks that survive long enough to claim a position of authority grow much taller and stronger than the rest of their kind. They become so strong, in fact, that they can even take down one of Sigmar’s champions, which you may have witnessed in the new edition’s phenomenal cinematic trailer.

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Known as Killabosses, these leaders rule their tribes with an iron fist, always looking out for the next aspiring usurper aiming a stikka at their back.* When they ride to war, they often do so on the back of a vicious canine monster called a Great Gnashtoof, which is capable of tearing off an ogor’s head in one swift bite. This makes these units even more fearsome combatants than usual, as their foes come under a hail of razor-sharp strikes from fang, claw, and stikka while the boss on top issues all kinds of cunning commands.

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Many kinds of Gnashtoof exist in the swamps of Ghur, with most being the size of a common hound (albeit significantly more aggressive). The expert monster-wranglers of the Beast-breakaz, however, seek out the biggest and surliest Gnashtoofs to become mounts for their leaders, who must endure a punishing rodeo before the beast even begins to bend to their will.

Although scavengers by nature, a Great Gnashtoof delights in snapping up smaller creatures and tearing them apart. Due to their size, this often includes all kinds of unfortunate humanoids. When they charge into battle, the scent of blood drives them into a frenzy, and these hulking beasts find the urge to pounce on juicy morsels all but irresistible.

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While many Kruleboyz would love nothing more than to feed their boss a length of cold iron and take their place, they hold an awe-struck reverence for the sheer levels of cruelty a Killaboss can exhibit. Some even become figures of folklore and hero worship as tales of their exploits spread between tribes, and the belief in their cunning plans inspires nearby Kruleboyz to stick around even when the going gets tough.

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As savage as the Great Gnashtoof is, it’s by no means the only monster lurking in the swamps of Ghur. We’ve seen the terrifying Mirebrute Troggoth already, but rumours that make it out of the darkness mention a fearsome beast known as the Sludgeraker and even a winged monstrosity that circles the murky skies above. 

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* Which, as you might imagine, is a near-daily occurrence for the Kruleboyz.