05 May 21

Warhammer Fest Online: Day 3 – Black Library

It’s Day 3 of our weeklong Warhammer Fest celebration, and we’re talking about all things Black Library. Get ready for a full-on book bonanza. A booknanza, if you will.

Missed today’s reveal show on Twitch? Fear not, you can catch it right here.

Before we get into revealing all the books you’ll be adding to your wishlist soon, it seems something has snuck into our announcement schedule…

That’s right, the Tanith First and Only are coming – behold the stars of Dan Abnett’s seminal novel series.

Gaunt’s Ghosts

If you’re not familiar, Gaunt’s Ghosts are the protagonists of the long-running series depicting the trials and tribulations of Ibram Gaunt and his ill-fated Astra Militarum regiment. Faithful readers of the books no doubt have a soft spot for the original cast who served as their Colonel-Commissar’s most trusted retainers. 

Well, they’re back! They’ve been redesigned in plastic to create a reimagined set of miniatures that really brings each of the key characters from the early Gaunt’s Ghosts books to life.

FestDay3 May5 40k Content7l

Amazing, right? If, however, you’ve yet to read the novels and are unfamiliar with these six core members of Gaunt’s Ghosts, allow us to formally introduce them (don’t worry – we’ll keep it spoiler-free).

Colonel-Commissar Ibram Gaunt

Having been a rising star under the command of Imperial Warmaster Slaydo, the freshly appointed Colonel-Commissar was set to command three newly founded Astra Militarum regiments from the forest world of Tanith. 

FestDay3 May5 40k Content1b

Yet when the planet was completely devastated by a Chaos invasion, only one regiment could be mustered from the survivors – hence the rather grim moniker that they inherited, the Tanith First and Only.

Gaunt soon discovered that the Tanith were light infantry without peer, their combination of woodsmanship and the distinct camo cloaks they wore ensuring their pre-eminence as scouts and stealth troopers. Gaunt would later use the innate skills of the Tanith to undertake daring raids and accomplish missions often deemed far beyond the capabilities of a regiment of Imperial Guard.

Colonel Colm Corbec

FestDay3 May5 40k Content2o

The big, powerful, if somewhat unkempt first officer of the Tanith First and Only, Colm Corbec leads the regiment’s second platoon. Colm is second in command, but he’s also Gaunt’s closest confidant – almost like a brother. 

Major Elim Rawne

FestDay3 May5 40k Content3u

Despite possessing a ruthless streak a mile wide and a burning hatred towards Gaunt, who he blames for abandoning Tanith to its destruction, Elim Rawne is nonetheless a highly capable commander and leads the regiment’s third platoon. An expert with a blade, Rawne’s handsome face hides a murderous glint in his eyes, and he always keeps his razor-sharp Tanith warknife to hand.

Master Sniper Hlaine Larkin

FestDay3 May5 40k Content5p

Hlaine ‘Mad’ Larkin may be somewhat eccentric, but it certainly doesn’t affect his aim. In fact, Larkin is widely lauded as the regiment’s finest marksman, and Gaunt often makes use of his dead-eye skills to eliminate threats to their mission from afar.

‘Try Again’ Bragg

FestDay3 May5 40k Content4z

By far the biggest and strongest of the Tanith, Trooper Bragg towers over Colonel Corbec and even the tall, lean figure of Ibram Gaunt. Bragg serves alongside ‘Mad’ Larkin in Eleven Platoon and has such a powerful physique that he can wield heavy weaponry on his own without the need for a tripod mount. Unfortunately, his accuracy leaves a lot to be desired, earning him the nickname ‘Try Again’.

Sergeant Scout Oan Mkoll

FestDay3 May5 40k Content6j

Four Platoon is the regiment’s scout platoon, led by Oan Mkoll. However, unlike more traditional regimental organisations, the scouts of Four Platoon are often spread out among the other Tanith platoons to serve as specialists. Mkoll is among the very best, having long mastered his craft amid the shifting woods of his former homeworld.

And there you have it – six stunning miniatures that perfectly encapsulate the characters they represent from the novels. Whether you’re an avid fan of the series or a painter looking for your next challenge, Gaunt’s Ghosts will be the perfect addition to your collection.

Now that we’ve got the news of those incredible miniatures out of our system, let’s talk about… BOOKS.

To drive the theme all the way home, and celebrate the Tanith First and Only in style, we’ve got a host of Sabbat Worlds-related offerings to show you. 

The Vincula Insurgency

FestDay3 May5 BL Books10g

Dan Abnett’s new novel takes us back to the earliest days of Ibram Gaunt and the Tanith First, where you’ll learn about a dark secret that’s haunted them ever since. 

This mega limited edition includes a beautifully bound copy of the book itself, plus a whole host of extras. You’ll find a pair of maps, a cap pin, coins, art, a metal memory box, and loads more. Also included is a datasheet with rules to use Gaunt’s Ghosts in your games of Warhammer 40,000. 

Sabbat War

FestDay3 May5 BL Books1b

This anthology takes you to the very forefront of the blistering action in the Sabbat Worlds. It features new stories from some of your favourite authors, including Dan Abnett (naturally), Graham McNeill, John French, Matthew Farrer, and Rachel Harrison.

Sabbat Worlds Crusade

FestDay3 May5 BL Books11c

This in-universe reference book is packed with art and background covering the sprawling Sabbat Worlds Crusade. This limited-edition tome includes notes that add further depth to the lore, plus illustrations, maps, charts, and details about key theatres and conflicts in the campaign. If you’re a fan of Gaunt’s Ghosts, you don’t want to miss this companion guide. 

Urdesh: The Serpent and the Saint

FestDay3 May5 BL Books2d

The next chapter in the ongoing Sabbat Worlds saga focuses on Urdesh. Here, the Iron Snakes are on a mission to prevent a potent living weapon from falling into the hands of the Anarch. The fate of the entire crusade hangs in the balance. In the end, will it all have been for nothing? 

Ibram Gaunt Bookmark

FestDay3 May5 BL Books12i

We’ve got one more special item to top off the Gaunt’s Ghosts reveals. 

Though Dan Abnett is known to pen absolute page-turners, you MAY have to put your book down from time to time. What better way to save your spot than with this collectible bookmark? Show your support for Colonel-Commissar Ibram Gaunt and the heroic soldiers he leads to battle. 

Talking of Dan Abnett, we asked the creator of these characters to share his thoughts about Gaunt’s Ghosts and the Sabbat Worlds, and he kindly obliged. 

You can feel the weight of the setting, alongside the care and thought that’s been put into every aspect of the ongoing campaign. We have to take a moment to thank Dan for creating such an enduring and memorable cast of characters that mean so much to so many fans of Warhammer 40,000. 

Elsewhere in the Sabbat Worlds… 

Volpone Glory

FestDay3 May5 BL Books3p

The Volpone Bluebloods take on the Blood Pact in a brutal grind to liberate Gnostes as war rages across the Sabbat Worlds. What seems like a fairly direct campaign is complicated by mounting casualties and the unfathomable machinations of the enemy. The Volpone must prevail, through glory and honour. 

Meanwhile, back in the dark depths of the 31st Millennium, the cataclysmic siege of Terra is nearing its conclusion.

Siege of Terra: Warhawk

FestDay3 May5 BL Books4h

The siege enters a frantic new phase as the Traitor vanguard nears the heart of the Palace. The defenders abandon caution, launching desperate gambits to hold them off for as long as possible. Jaghatai Khan, Warhawk of Chogoris, springs into action with a scheme of his own – a counter-offensive aimed at taking back the critical Lion’s Gate space port. He prepares to face down an old enemy, who’s now empowered by foul energies beyond understanding. The Warhawk knows that defeat could mean the end of his Legion and of Terra itself.

Looking for something a bit more noir? 

Let’s head back to the sprawling nest of villainy, Varangantua, for the next few books from the ever-popular Warhammer Crime imprint. 

Broken City

FestDay3 May5 BL Books5a

This anthology includes the novella Bleedout, along with six short stories concerning the dogged probators, brutal sanctioners, and ruthless gangers that call the crime-riddled, urban sprawl of Varangantua their home.

Sanction and Sin

FestDay3 May5 BL Books6t

Another anthology brings together nine short stories from the rotten metropolis. You’ll read stories that explore everything from powerful syndicates, corrupt Enforcers, petty gangs, and the survivors who do what they must to make it through the daily struggle. 

Grim Repast

FestDay3 May5 BL Books7e

Probator Quillon Drask seems to attract the strangest cases – but nothing has prepared him for the blasphemous conspiracy he’s about to unravel. Now he must harness the twisted insight gleaned from his tortured past to bring the perpetrators to justice.

40k 600Wide LOGO

Traitor Rock

FestDay3 May5 BL Books8v

If you thought Cadia was going to let the shattering of their homeworld stop them, you must not be keeping up with the news. The Cadian 101st, led by Minka Lesk, is taking the fight to the traitors on Malouri. Will their faith and pride keep them fighting? Or will the meat-grinder siege break them down?  

The Twice-Dead King – Ruin

FestDay3 May5 BL Books9r

The disgraced necron lord Oltyx must overcome his bitterness and return to the very court that cast him out to bring news of an ork invasion. Expecting the worst, Oltyx discovers that the orks are the least of the horrors that face him and the entire empire of the necrons. 

If you like the sound of this one, we can confirm there’s already a sequel in the works too. 

Steel Tread

FestDay3 May5 BL Books13f

Head inside a mighty Leman Russ Demolisher, as an outsider takes command of a dysfunctional crew of Cadians. Faced with the fight of their life under the poisonous light of the Great Rift, the disparate team must learn to work together if they want to survive the conflict with the corrupted followers of the Ruinous Powers. 

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