08 Apr 21

A New Angels of Death Trailer is Here, and It’s Crawling With Cultists

You may remember from the wonderfully atmospheric teaser for Angels of Death that the series follows a band of Blood Angels as they hunt for their missing captain. But this is no straightforward search and rescue mission, as an insidious foe lurks in the dark. 

Get a closer look at exactly what the Blood Angels will be up against in the latest trailer for Angels of Death.

That’s right, the noble sons of Sanguinius are about to find themselves face to face with the Genestealer Cults once again. Veteran hobbyists may remember the Blood Angels first clashing with Genestealers back in the original Space Hulk, and suffice to say they have not worked out their differences since then. 

It’s a pretty safe bet that the cultists have something to do with the Captain’s disappearance, given how often they’re found destabilising otherwise loyal Imperial planets. It won’t be long before the Angels of Death come knocking, though.

AoDTheBaddies Apr08 Image1ap6js

We’ve been building up to the release of Angels of Death since the announcement in 2018, and rest assured your wait is nearing its end.

AoDTheBaddies Apr08 Image2vcm7ae

If you’re craving more Imperial action in the meantime, don’t miss the fantastic screenshots from Altar of Wrath and Hammer and Bolter, or for the more xenos-inclined there’s the latest trailer for The Exodite to pore through. Oh, and if you can’t wait to dive into the world of Angels of Death, check out the epic soundtrack now.

AoDTheBaddies Apr08 Image3t0gl4

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