26 Jan 21

Khagra’s Ravagers come to desecrate Direchasm with malicious new mechanic

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Led by a pair of sisters, the new Slaves to Darkness warband are here to conquer Direchasm with a combination of brute force and foul magic. Prepare to follow Khagra’s Ravagers on their mission to claim the living mountain for Chaos.

Designed to desecrate

Khagra’s Ravagers introduce a new mechanic to Warhammer Underworlds in the form of Desecration tokens. When one of these tokens is on an objective, fighters can no longer claim it, meaning that you can shut down your opponent’s attempts to score objectives such as Supremacy and Temporary Victory. We’ll show you how you get access to these Desecration tokens as we look at the fighters in the warband.

Khagra the Usurper


The gang leader has the strength (if not quite the reach) of a Troll and can desecrate an objective after taking an enemy fighter out of action. That’s more than enough to give objective-based warbands something to think about.

Zarshia Bittersoul

While Khagra is a warrior, her sister Zarshia is a wizard. Be careful with the Dark Gods’ gifts though, because they can come with a price – in this case suffering damage from backlash when her spell Attack action fails. This is one of the many reasons that she can’t be booked to perform magic at children’s parties.

Dour Cragan

We’re not sure what’s happened in Cragan’s life to make him so dour, but with a decent attack (that gets Cleave when he’s Inspired) he’ll be taking it out on any enemy fighters that get in his way. Maybe that’ll cheer him up a bit.

Razek improves immensely when Inspired with both a more reliable attack and better defence. Having him and Cragan jump on objectives to easily desecrate them means that you’re already two-thirds of the way to Inspiring the whole warband – something that’s bound to please both you and the Dark Gods.

With impressive damage output and a good amount of wounds, Khagra’s Ravagers are the first full-blown, aggro warband for Direchasm, seeking to score glory from taking out opponents as well as scoring objective cards. Any opposing warbands that rely on sitting on objectives to win games, especially those with lots of low-wound fighters, are going to find the Ravagers a real challenge to play against.

Cards of Chaos

The warband comes with a host of new cards to help you claim victory in Direchasm. Make the most of your fighters’ ability to desecrate objectives by scoring glory as soon as you do it with Brutal Desecration.

The Chaos Gods are known to reward their followers and you can similarly reward Khagra when your warband takes out an enemy leader with Eye of the Gods. Best of all, you get to choose the effect, rather than relying on the fickleness of fate.

If you prefer your blessings in the form of upgrades, there’s the Hellfire Sword which makes up for the warband’s average movement values and lack of ranged attack. Now you can simply burn your enemies into ash from a safe distance. It’s just a shame that marshmallows are so hard to come by in the Mortal Realms.

If that piqued your interest, take a look at all of the cards that come with Khagra’s Ravagers and start planning your decks now.

With the warband being available to pre-order from Saturday, we’ve also got the new How to Build and How to Paint videos for Khagra’s Ravagers for you to enjoy.

Now that you’ve seen their cards, and you know how to build and paint the models, you’re all ready to pre-order Khagra’s Ravagers on Saturday. If you’ve not already done so, make sure that you pick up the Direchasm Core Set too so that you’re ready to fight for glory in the new season of Warhammer Underworlds.