08 Dec 20

Meet the New Slaanesh Hedonites

Last week, you got a glimpse into the future of the Mortal Realms in the form of the Slaanesh Shardspeaker, which is unveiled in the new Warcry tome, Agents of Chaos. Well, that’s not the only secret revealed in the book… 

Prepare to gaze into the Dark Prince’s mirror again as we show off even more Hedonites that are available as fighter cards.

SlaaneshTease Dec8 Header1bhBlissbarb Archers are the lowest echelon of mortal Hedonites of Slaanesh, which means that they’re not even permitted the ecstasy of duking it out in melee combat with all their sensation-seeking friends. 

They coat their arrowheads in Blissbrew toxin, which overwhelms the senses of those they hit, unravelling an enemy’s carefully laid battleplans as their forces are overcome with pleasure and pain. It’s very distracting. 

SlaaneshTease Dec8 Header2uc
Blissbarb Archers who’ve had a close shave with an enemy blade may discover that they’re moved by the desire to find and tame an Exalted Steed of their god – which is even more likely to kill them, much to their alarm. 

Most fail, which is no surprise given that these steeds are as bad-tempered as Flesh Hounds and quite a bit faster. Those who succeed become addicted to speed, unleashing volleys of toxin-tipped arrows as they barrel around the battlefield.

SlaaneshTease Dec8 Header3if

Some Seekers just want to get stuck into the heart of the battle and swap their bows for ornate, and extremely sharp, glaives. These Slickblade Seekers get their name from all the blood that soon coats their weapons as they revel in the thrill of decapitating unwary foes. 

They think of themselves as princes of exquisite murder, and get a bit miffed when anyone tries to upstage their kills. A bit of friendly competition is never a bad thing, we suppose.

SlaaneshTease Dec8 Header4ap

Slaangor Fiendbloods are beastmen in service to the Dark Prince. They wander through life in a glassy-eyed stupor, waited on claw and hoof by adoring Sybarites who venerate them as avatars of their god (how Slaanesh feels about this comparison is unclear). In combat, they’re engines of wanton destruction, shock troops with no care for their own lives as long as they can snip some enemy heads with their impressively sharp appendages.

We got our first glimpse of these mortal servants of Slaanesh with the Dread Pageant in the Warhammer Underworlds: Direchasm Core Set. Pre-order it now to start your collection – and prepare to take it to excess in the new year when their pals arrive!