01 Dec 20

New In Stores: The Latest Miniature of the Month!

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A new month is here, and with it, your chance to pick up a new miniature and collector’s coin from your local Warhammer store. This month’s theme is the pestilent Death Guard, who’re on the cusp of getting their new codex.

To celebrate their new tome, the staff in your local store have a number of pox-ridden Plague Marine models available. These warriors have served Mortarion for ten millennia, giving up their bodies and souls to Grandfather Nurgle in exchange for disgusting resilience. Of course, their bodies also host all manner of contagions and mutations – but that’s a small price to pay in their eyes (however many they end up with)!

Head into your local store from Saturday the 5th of December and ask the staff how you can claim your very own Plague Marine (while stocks last). Some stores are running painting events based around the Miniature of the Month, so ask your local store what they’re up to. You can also get this month’s collectible coin featuring the Death Guard’s infernal sigil when you spend over £60, €80 or $100 USD (or local equivalent). Maybe you’ll grab some buddies for your new Plague Marine, or pick up a Christmas present for your bestie. While you’re at it, don’t forget that you can choose a Pick ‘N’ Mix Paint Set, selecting any ten pots from the range and getting the priciest one free!

If your store isn’t open at the moment, don’t worry – you’re not going to miss out. When stores that are closed due to national or local lockdowns reopen, they’ll have this month’s models and coins available for you to collect. Keep an eye on your nearest store’s Facebook page for status updates.

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When you paint your Death Guard Plague Marine, remember to share it with us on social media using #WarhammerCommunity.