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6 Face-melting Moments from Angels of Death

The animated series has just passed its jaw-dropping midseason finale. Let’s relive some of the best Blood Angels action we’ve seen so far.

22 Sep 21

Mortarion and Guilliman Settle an Ancient Grudge in This Week’s Warhammer+ Battle Report

Who will triumph in this retelling of a pivotal battle from the 41st Millennium?

15 Sep 21

Get the Lowdown on Loremasters, the Show Coming to Warhammer+ Today

The new Warhammer+ show is here, and it’s “highlighting key themes and dispelling bad memes

08 Sep 21

Sunday Preview – Two New Battletomes and A Whole New Show On Warhammer+

New battletomes and miniatures for the Stormcast Eternals and Orruk Warclans lead the charge with next week’s pre-orders.

05 Sep 21

Celebrate the First Warhammer+ Content Drop With These Free Angels of Death Wallpapers

Who is your favourite character from Angels of Death? Grab a wallpaper for the release of Episode Two.

01 Sep 21

Did You Choose the Orruk or the Assassin Free Miniature? Warhammer+ By the Numbers

Warhammer+ has been out for a week – time to take a little look behind the curtain.

31 Aug 21

Bringing the 41st Millennium to Life – The Art of Hammer and Bolter

Check out artwork from the stunning new animated series available now on Warhammer+.

30 Aug 21

Sunday Preview – Green Is Good

The Waaagh! swells this week as Codex: Orks comes up for pre-order.

29 Aug 21

Get Your Gear – It’s Time To Go Spelunking in the Warhammer Vault

Find out what awaits you in this digital archive of classic Warhammer publications – available alongside a Warhammer+ subscription.

27 Aug 21

These Unmissable White Dwarf Articles Are Available in the Warhammer Vault Right Now

Peer inside the Warhammer Vault on Warhammer+ and discover the amazing things inside.

26 Aug 21

Warhammer+ is Live, Check Out the Amazing Launch Line-up

Subscribe, pick a free miniature, get a £10 voucher, and enjoy the benefits of this unmissable service for Warhammer fans.

25 Aug 21

You Have Questions. The Emperor’s Tarot in Hammer and Bolter Has Answers

The Emperor’s Tarot features in an upcoming episode of Hammer and Bolter – divine its secrets before you watch Death’s Hand tomorrow.

24 Aug 21

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