Pre-order Today: General’s Handbooks and Hybrid Teams

Find out what you can pre-order today!

04 Jul 20

The Best of Both Worlds

Mixed teams are about to hit a pitch near you. Prepare yourself with a peek at combined Skaven and Goblin teams.

02 Jul 20

Sunday Preview: Calling All Generals!

A new General’s Handbook is imminent, as are some funky hybrid Blood Bowl teams and intriguing Black Library reads.

28 Jun 20

Small Footprint, Big Warhammer Fun! 

Locked down but still want to share some games with your roommates or family? Take a look at this list to see which ones might be best for you.

05 May 20

Reopening Soon:

Exciting news about the Games Workshop webstore and an initiative to help your local independent Warhammer retailer

28 Apr 20

Warhammer Preview 3: Revenge of the Preview

Grab snacks, strap yourself in and prepare for a wild ride – it’s time for another Warhammer Preview!

18 Apr 20

Lockdown Update: Get Your Game On

Bunker down with some awesome Warhammer video games…

09 Apr 20

Heroes, Heretics and a Squirrel

Catch the latest incredible reveals in our Live Blog.

04 Apr 20

The OTHER Big Game

“People keep talking about the big game today, Jim.” – Bob “That’s right, Bob. You must be hearing about the …

02 Feb 20

Pre-order Now: A Wood Elf For All Seasons

Half the globe may be in the throes of winter, but the faintest scent of flowers in full bloom can …

03 Jan 20

The Year in Warhammer: May to August

Missed our previous entry in the Year in Warhammer? Catch up on January to April here. We’re not sure about …

19 Dec 19

Now Available: Chaos Dwarfs, Made to Order, The Court of the Blind King and More

Only 11 more sleeps until Christmas! As we sink deeper into the sprout and television-special filled festive season, we’ve got …

14 Dec 19

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