03 May 21

How to Get Started in the Underhive with Necromunda: Hive War

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Whether it’s for fame, riches, or even just safety, the allure of the ganger’s life is hard to ignore for the residents of Necromunda’s underhive. While they might need to scrap and scramble for years to make their way to the top, we lucky souls have a bit of a shortcut thanks to the new Necromunda: Hive War starter set.

In case you’ve spent the last few decades* living in the upper spires of the hive, Necromunda is a game of dark and desperate gang combat in the underbelly of the 41st Millennium. Far removed from the heroics of the Indomitus Crusade or the cataclysmic Fall of Cadia, Necromunda’s gangs eke out a living through constant conflict, territorial disputes, and other violent means.

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The Necromunda: Hive War starter set gives you all the models and gaming materials you need to start your (possibly dubious) career as a gang leader. Choose from the chem-fuelled House Escher or the shadowy House Delaque, each sporting 10 gang members to get you right into a campaign of conquest across the underhive.

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It really is a campaign you’ll be embarking on, too. One of the key features of Necromunda is the ability to grow and enhance your gang as you play, earning new skills and equipment for your star gangers. The included rulebook contains all of the rules you need to play your own series of games with as many participants as you like, fully updated to include all errata and FAQs added since the game’s release.

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The battles you’ll fight are set amidst the dense, mechanical heart of a hive city, and so it’s a rare skirmish that won’t be winding through a warren of walls, tunnels, gantries, and scattered machinery. Luckily, Hive War includes a full set of modular scenery to pack your game board with, ensuring every match is a nail-biting scramble of close-quarters gunfights and furious melee combat.

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Necromunda: Hive War is arriving for pre-order this Saturday, 8th May, so there’s never been a better time to start your adventures in the underhive. In the meantime, experience one of the hive city’s most popular tales with the Lasgun Wedding ebook edition.

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If you’re looking to explore some of the other gangs that inhabit the hive, check out House of Iron and House of Artifice for insight into the warriors of Houses Orlock and Van Saar. 

* The game has its roots in issues of White Dwarf from as far back as 1990.