Behold… the Black Library Anniversary Open Submissions!

For the past 20 years, the Black Library has been bringing the Warhammer universes to life – from the grim darkness of the 41st Millennium, through the Underhives of Necromunda to the sprawling realms of the Age of Sigmar and the savage sports fields of Blood Bowl.

We have seen empires rise, kingdoms fall, heroes corrupted, saviours fulfil their destinies and worlds ended.

As part of this celebration, we’re bringing back a classic title from the Black Library archives – Inferno!

Released between 1997 and 2004, Inferno! was our bi-monthly magazine packed full of comics, short stories and artwork. Plus, it’s where many of our established authors published their first stories for Black Library before going on to greatness.

We’re giving Inferno! a new lease of life as a collection of short stories, penned by new authors and old, and showcasing the best works from across our many universes.

We are looking for talented writers to be a part of this new anthology and celebrate this incredible milestone for Black Library.

We are looking for exciting and dynamic characters who drive an absorbing plot that captures the grim darkness and unique tone of our universes. As Inferno! has always delivered the very best from across all of our settings, we are encouraging stories set in Warhammer Age of Sigmar, Warhammer 40,000, Blood Bowl and Necromunda!

We want diverse narratives that fit into at least one of the following themes:

1. Your story must use Games Workshop’s Intellectual property and be based in any of the Warhammer 40,000, Warhammer Age of Sigmar, Blood Bowl or Necromunda settings. It must also adhere to one or more of the above themes but you may interpret this in any way you see fit.

We’re looking for a broad range of stories and characters that capture Black Library’s unique mood and tone.

To fit with Black Library’s range, your story should not include graphic descriptions of gratuitous violence, sex or explicit bad language.  

2. Pitch us your idea by sending a one-paragraph summary.
This must tell us what the story is about (not necessarily just what happens) and who the characters are. Think about what drives the story? What are the character’s goals?

3. Write a sample of the story no longer than 500 words in length, in UK English.
This could come from any part of the story and doesn’t have to be set at the beginning (we’d recommend not sending us the ending, however…). At this point, we are not looking for fully written stories. Please submit correctly formatted work in Times New Roman, point size 12, double line spaced.  

4. To apply, you need to fill out a web-form with your contact details and you’ll need to upload your story as a Microsoft Word document. We will only accept submissions through the web-form, so please do not send us submissions via email or physical copies of your work as they will not be read or returned to you.

If you would like to send a submission but you do not have access to facilities to send us an electronic copy, please get in touch with us, at [email protected], to discuss an alternative means of entry.

We accept submissions from writers of all backgrounds and welcome those from authors that are traditionally underrepresented in the publishing industry.

We aim to respond to all submissions within 100 working days (20 working weeks), dependant on the volume of entries. We are unable to reply to requests for updates on the process of the progression of your submission. Please be patient and we will respond as soon as we are able.

Due to the volume of entries, we are unable to guarantee feedback. If you have not heard from us after the allotted period, please assume you have been unsuccessful.

The Black Library submissions window will close on 10th April 2018.