Nominations for 2017’s Hobby Heroes have now closed.

Without a doubt, the Warhammer hobby is made and shaped by the people who love it. From the designers who turn their passion into the rich worlds of the 41st Millennium and the Mortal Realms, right down to those taking their first steps clipping out sprues – Warhammer is great because the people invested in it are, well, great. So much of the Warhammer hobby is driven by you out there in the community. In every corner of the globe, there are hidden champions, running events, hosting games nights, teaching people how to model and paint. We’ve met more than a few such champions on our travels, some of whom really do go above and beyond, devoting all their free time to support fellow hobbyists. We think these individuals should be commended for their efforts, singled out for praise and really recognised for their contributions to the Warhammer hobby.

Enter Warhammer Heroes.

To find Warhammer Heroes, we need your help.

The nomination process is simple. You put your Warhammer Hero forward using this online form and give us a little bit of information on why you feel they deserve to win an award.

That’s it.

Nominations close on the 31st of December, and we’ll be announcing the winners before the end of January.

We’ll be awarding this year’s Warhammer Heroes accolades on the basis of the quality of the nomination, as opposed to just quantity of ‘votes’, so don’t worry if your hero isn’t particularly publicly prominent – we want to hear about everyone who you think might be deserving.

Glory awaits the worthy.


Remember, Warhammer Heroes come in all shapes and forms. They can range from the hard-working tournament organisers who bring players from around the world together for epic weekends of gaming and camaraderie, to someone at your local store willing to take the extra time to teach newcomers the basics of painting and gaming. They could be a friend who’s always been supportive of you and your fellow hobbyists, a diligent forum moderator creating a space for hobbyists to discuss their favourite army, or a YouTuber whose guides and tutorials help anyone access Warhammer.

The chosen Warhammer Heroes will each receive this special medal for their efforts, as well as a t-shirt, certificate of awesomeness, a permanent place on the Warhammer Heroes roll of honour and an invitation to a very special Warhammer Heroes awards ceremony (more on that later).

Finally, the name of each Warhammer Hero will be recorded for all eternity on a mighty plaque mounted at Warhammer World, the home of Warhammer and its champions! 

If you have any questions, check out our FAQ.

– The Warhammer Community Team

Oh, before we forget, like all fun these days, terms and conditions do apply. While not particularly exciting, you can, should you have little else to do, read them here.