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Posted 15/11/2019

Space Marines – Why You Need Faith & Fury

Yesterday, we had a look at what the traitorous Chaos Space Marines can expect from Psychic Awakening: Faith & [...]

Posted 15/11/2019

No. 34 – Jack

Join Kren, Frep and the rest of the Emperor’s Pointy Sticks in their continuing adventures on and off the tabletop.

Posted 14/11/2019

Chaos Space Marines – Why You Need Faith & Fury

Followers of the Ruinous Powers rejoice, for your dark prayers have been answered! Psychic Awakening: Faith & Fury [...]

Posted 14/11/2019

Battle Sisters on the Battlefield – Part 2

We’re back with another rules preview of the upcoming Adepta Sororitas codex in the Sisters of Battle Army Set which, [...]

Posted 12/11/2019

Battle Sisters on the Battlefield – Part 1

That’s right – it’s time to start looking at the new Sisters of Battle rules! In fact, the Sisters of Battle [...]

Posted 12/11/2019

Faith & Fury Chapter Focus: Black Templars

Few armies exemplify the tenets of Faith & Fury quite like the Black Templars, so their inclusion in this, the [...]

Posted 11/11/2019

Faith & Fury: A First Look

The next chapter in the Psychic Awakening, Faith & Fury, is almost here. Over the course of this week, we’ll [...]

Posted 11/11/2019

Psychic Awakening: The Power of Belief

As the Psychic Awakening continues, planets across the Imperium witness strange events and dangerous tidings. Even the [...]

Posted 11/11/2019

No. 06 – Into the Frying Pan

They are the defenders of Humanity, now they’re the defenders of one little girl – follow the adventures of Tari [...]

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