Sunday Preview: Blood on the Pitch

A new season of Blood Bowl kicks off next week – check it out alongside all the other upcoming pre-orders in our Sunday preview.

08 Nov 20

Pre-order Today: Catacombs, Orlocks, and Retribution!

Check out all of the latest goodies available to pre-order right now!

24 Oct 20

Luther Speaks and Horror Returns

This week from Black Library, you can delve into Luther’s reasons for betraying the Lion, and experience loads of new Warhammer Horror!

24 Oct 20

Bring on the Bodyguards

Take a look at this week’s Forge World pre-order – the Deathwing Companions for the Horus Heresy

23 Oct 20

Crucible of Retribution – Titanic Tactics

Learn about some of the Titan Legions and Knight Houses from the latest expansion for Adeptus Titanicus.

22 Oct 20

Voices of Warhammer 2020 by Black Library

A new Humble Bundle gives you more than 200 hours of Warhammer audio action – find out all about it.

21 Oct 20

Sunday Preview – Warcry Goes Underground

Check out our weekly look ahead at the next batch of upcoming pre-orders.

18 Oct 20

The Warhammer Preview Online: Gridiron and Glory

Ready to find out what’s next for Blood Bowl, skirmish games, and more? Come take a look!

17 Oct 20

Lions and Gargants and Calendars – Oh My!

The Lion returns to battle in this week’s Black Library pre-orders, alongside the Sons of Behemat and a trio of calendars. Find out more.

10 Oct 20

Titanic Pre-orders from Forge World

Reinforce your Titans with a new Warlord weapon and a Warbringer Nemesis Titan with a mighty volcano cannon!

25 Sep 20

Fresh from the Forge: Seyni N’Diaye’s Adeptus Mechanicus

Learn all about how Seyni N’Diaye created his impressive army, all based on his family’s history.

21 Sep 20

Sunday Preview – Crusading Into the Nexus and Tactical Terrain

It’s preview time – take a look at all of next week’s incredible pre-orders!

20 Sep 20

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