Horus Heresy Lords of War – Top 5

Greg Dann, host of the Imperial Truth podcast, shared his top picks for Lords of War in the Age of Darkness. Take a look!

14 May 20

Part 3: Grand Finale

The Loyalists have fought, and the Traitors too. One of each remains standing. Time to discover which Primarch is mightiest…

29 Apr 20

Part 2: Traitors

The battle to determine which Primarch would win in a fight continues with a Traitor free-for-all!

28 Apr 20

Engine Kill 3: Mastering Cerastus Knights

Get the low-down on the latest Cerastus Knights in another instalment of Engine Kill!

28 Apr 20

Reopening Soon: Games-Workshop.com

Exciting news about the Games Workshop webstore and an initiative to help your local independent Warhammer retailer

28 Apr 20

Part 1: Loyalists

Which Primarch would win in a fight? We get asked that a lot… so we decided to find out. First up: the Loyalists.

27 Apr 20

Freehand Lessons From a Master

Freehand painting is a fine art that can bring models to the next level. Discover some of the secrets from a Golden Demon winner.

23 Apr 20

Saul Tarvitz: The First Loyalist

Did you know that Saul Tarvitz was the first Horus Heresy Space Marine to be named? Well, that’s just one of the revelations that await you…

20 Apr 20

Warhammer Preview 3: Revenge of the Preview

Grab snacks, strap yourself in and prepare for a wild ride – it’s time for another Warhammer Preview!

18 Apr 20

How to Watch the Warhammer Preview Online 3

Find out what YOU need to know about the latest Warhammer Preview.

17 Apr 20

The Road to Thramas – Part 5: The Lion

The Lion is joining the Horus Heresy – and this is your first look at his rules.

06 Apr 20

Heroes, Heretics and a Squirrel

Catch the latest incredible reveals in our Live Blog.

04 Apr 20

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