Posted 18/05/2018

The Saga of the Warhammer Citadel Grand Opening

News from the Warhammer Citadel Team Ok guys, we have some bad news and some great news. We’re gonna give […]

Posted 18/05/2018

Warhammer Graz – New Store Opening in Austria

A new Warhammer store is opening soon in south-eastern Austria – and you’re invited to the opening. The 2nd of […]

Posted 24/04/2018

A New Manager for Warhammer Penrith

Gamers of New South Wales, if you frequent Warhammer Penrith, you may notice a new face there – worry not, […]

Posted 19/04/2018

New Warhammer Store in Berlin

Berliners, a new Warhammer store is coming your way! On Saturday 5th May, Littfaßplatz 1-4, 10178 Berlin will become home […]

Posted 06/04/2018

A Grand Opening and a Grander Exposition

Two big announcements from the Warhammer Citadel this week – exciting news for anyone planning a visit to the new […]

Posted 29/03/2018

Opening Soon: Warhammer Chemnitz

Hobbyists of Saxony, rejoice, for you will soon have a new Warhammer store to visit in your region! On Saturday […]

Posted 15/03/2018

Warhammer Adelaide: New and Improved

Hobbyists in Adelaide, Australia – your Warhammer store is moving! From today, you’ll be able to get your Citadel miniatures, […]

Posted 08/03/2018

Warhammer Cafe – The Winning Name

We asked you to help us choose a suitably epic name for the Warhammer Cafe – now the results are […]

Posted 22/02/2018

Name the Warhammer Cafe!

That’s right – the forthcoming Warhammer Cafe needs, nae deserves(!) a name change, and we need your help to find […]

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