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Psychic Awakening

The Cicatrix Maledictum has torn the galaxy in half, allowing the corrupting energies of the warp to boil through the wound in reality. The presence of so much raw empyric energy has created untold havoc throughout the Imperium, driving some populations mad, heightening tensions in otherwise pacified regions, and escalating conflicts all along the Great Rift.

The psychically sensitive have felt the impact most keenly, but there are far-reaching consequences for every race and faction. This phenomenon has been dubbed the Psychic Awakening, and it is only increasing in severity. A locus of extreme disturbance can be identified by a rising swirl of dark energies, signaling inevitable terror and death.

Here you’ll find a map of Psychic Awakening events currently under investigation by the various institutions of the Imperium.

Phoenix Rising Phoenix Rising
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Phoenix Rising

The ancient and proud Aeldari race is split into various factions. The stoic and noble Asuryani live their lives adrift on planet-sized Craftworlds. The depraved Drukhari venture forth from the dark metropolis of Commorragh to raid and pillage. The mysterious Harlequins travel the galaxy according to their unfathomable whims via the webway. And the newly formed Ynnari, comprised of members from all walks of Aeldari life, are united in the desire to awaken Ynnead, god of the dead.

The Aeldari are a psychically sensitive race, and the fragile balance between these disparate cultures has been disturbed by the Psychic Awakening. These factions have become embroiled in a full-scale internecine war for the future of their people.

Ancient divisions yawn ever wider, the complex fabric of alliances and uneasy truces unravels, and self-righteous leaders on all sides attempt to rally support for their causes.

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