Apocrypha Necromundus: Lingua Primus, Part 1

The languages of Necromunda are complex and ever-changing. Discover some of their secrets.

21 May 20

Necromunda Solo-play Scenario

Will you be the hunter or the hunted in the underhive?

19 May 20

Reopening Soon: Games-Workshop.com

Exciting news about the Games Workshop webstore and an initiative to help your local independent Warhammer retailer

28 Apr 20

Underhive Informant: Docs, Lookouts and Weapons Galore

Check out some of the forthcoming additions to Escher gangs in the latest instalment of our regular Necromunda series.

14 Apr 20

Sunday Preview – Happy Easter

Have a look at all the great stuff coming your way this week in Warhammer.

12 Apr 20

Our Collections: Andy Hoare

In the inaugural episode of our new series, Andy Hoare discusses his most recent hobby projects…

31 Mar 20

House of Chains – Tips from a Playtester

Get the underhive lowdown from a House Goliath expert.

24 Mar 20

Underhive Informant: Terrible Toxins, Ferocious Phelynx and Spiritual Scum

Read the first instalment of a new monthly series looking at the future of Necromunda.

10 Mar 20

Revealed at GAMA!

See the latest reveals from the GAMA Warhammer preview!

10 Mar 20

Dinnertime in the Underhive

Hire the famous Necromunda Slopper Bigby Crumb for your gang.

06 Mar 20

Meet Kal Jerico

Who’s Kal Jerico? Prepare to find out about Necromunda’s most infamous rogue and his many appearances in books and comics.

24 Feb 20

House of Chains – Ogryns in the Underhive

We’ve already seen that the House of Chains brings a wealth of awesome stuff for Goliath gangs. Well, it also …

13 Feb 20

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