Posted 09/07/2018

Win a Knight and Horus Heresy FAQs

  To celebrate the recent launch of Codex: Imperial Knights, Forge World are launching an amazing opportunity for you to […]

Posted 04/06/2018

Las Vegas Open 2019 – Tickets on Sale Now

If you’re a Warhammer gamer in the United States, the Las Vegas Open is one of the holy grails of […]

Posted 04/06/2018

Who is Alpharius? (contains mild spoilers)

The release of a new Primarch for the Horus Heresy Character Series is always a momentous occasion, especially for fans […]

Posted 06/05/2018

Golden Demon at Warhammer Fest

It’s safe to say that no Warhammer Fest would be complete without the Golden Demon painting competition. A staple event for […]

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