Posted 14/05/2018

Forge World & Specialist Games Open Day Tickets Now On Sale

Been following the exciting updates coming out of Warhammer Fest? Want your chance to be there at the next set […]

Posted 11/05/2018

The Telemon Heavy Dreadnought: Beta Rules now available

It’s an awesome time to be an Adeptus Custodes player. With a fully-fledged codex released earlier this year, loads of […]

Posted 10/05/2018

Middle-earth™ at Warhammer Fest

Warhammer Fest is mere days away, and the Middle-earth team are feverishly preparing to descend upon the Ricoh Arena in […]

Posted 09/05/2018

Forge World at the Warhammer Citadel

The Warhammer Citadel in Grapevine Texas opens its doors in just one month’s time. As well as being the only […]

Posted 07/05/2018

Shopping at Warhammer Fest

Warhammer Fest isn’t just packed with previews, gaming, exclusive reveals, seminars and the Golden Demon – it’s also your chance […]

Posted 06/05/2018

Preview: The Next Wave of the Deepkin and a return to the Shire™

  Next week, you’ll be able to complete your Idoneth Deepkin collection by pre-ordering the Akhelian Guard and the Akhelian […]

Posted 06/05/2018

Golden Demon at Warhammer Fest

It’s safe to say that no Warhammer Fest would be complete without the Golden Demon painting competition. A staple event for […]

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