Welcome to the Warhammer Community Site!

Since we brought back our Facebook pages at the start of the year, we’ve been desperate to build a place where we can share even more Warhammer content with you. Here on warhammer-community.com you’ll find hobby content of every variety – and what’s more, lots of the articles will be written by your fellow community members. You’ll even find the links to the very best Warhammer blogs and podcasts from around the web.

This is just day 1. We’ve loads more planned over the coming days and months, and we already have some great ideas for how the site will continue to evolve. We’ll add new features and new ways for you to interact with us and the Warhammer hobby. We want this to be a place you enjoy hanging out, so if there’s ever anything you want to see more of, drop us your thoughts on any of our Facebook pages.

Have fun.

– The Warhammer Community Team

Names to (cartoonish…) Faces

The Warhammer Community Team are a rag-tag band of intrepid hobbyists. Fueled by caffeine and arguments about who’d win in a fight between Sigmar and the Emperor, they work day and night (between naps at least) to bring you Warhammer awesomeness. Unwilling to risk the delicate sensibilities of the office camera, we asked artist Sarah Kaiser if she’d sketch us some portraits. Thankfully, she obliged.


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