28 Mar 21

Sunday Preview – Enter the Cursed City

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It’s an exciting week for co-operative adventure game fans, as budding vampire hunters get ready to delve into the darkness of Ulfenkarn. You’ve seen the heroes, you’ve seen the villains, you’ve even seen the streets you’ll be walking through, and now it’s nearly time for you to get your hands on Warhammer Quest: Cursed City.

That’s not all we have for you this week either, as the Cursed City companion novels arrive from Black Library with a special gift for players of the game itself. Let’s see what the rest of this Week in Warhammer has in store.


Now without further ado, let’s sink our fangs into the warm jugular of next Saturday’s pre-orders.

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In case you’ve been shut firmly inside your manse for the last few weeks (and with the dreaded Ulfenwatch roaming the streets, we wouldn’t blame you), Warhammer Quest: Cursed City is the next instalment in the smash-hit adventure game franchise that most recently saw players delving into the maddening confines of a Blackstone Fortress.

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Join with up to three other players to fight back against the undead scourge infesting the Cursed City, an ancient settlement gripped by a terrible curse thanks to a foolhardy deal struck with vampire lord Radukar the Wolf. Play as one of 8 beleaguered heroes trapped within the ancient city’s walls. Each adventure is a race against time, as when the sun sets the dead grow in power and fall upon anyone unlucky enough to remain in Ulfenkarn’s streets.

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Along with 60 Citadel miniatures and a hero’s bounty of cards, tiles, tokens, and more, Cursed City comes with a 56-page quest book, setting your heroes plenty of challenges as they seek to overthrow Radukar and save Ulfenkarn.

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Pre-order Warhammer Quest: Cursed City on Saturday* and begin your next co-operative adventure in the Mortal Realms. Can’t wait to round up a group to get stuck into Ulfenkarn? We have just the thing for you.

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Discover the story behind the game with the Cursed City companion novel by C L Werner. A spate of murders ripples through the already oppressed city of Ulfenkarn, and an unlikely band of heroes rises to fight back against Radukar the Wolf and his Thirsting Court. Not only will you get a gripping tale, but also rules for a whole new hero to use in your games of Cursed City. Although, calling him a hero might be a stretch… 

For true paragons of order rebelling against the undead threat, the individually signed limited edition version is not only a work of art in its own right but also includes an additional short story not available anywhere else. Only 1250 copies will be available, so be sure to get up bright and early to pre-order yours on Saturday.

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While you’re waiting for all these pre-orders to arrive on Saturday, don’t forget to tune into Warhammer Community for another week of features and reveals. We’re not quite done with our Cursed City coverage just yet, and there’s just about enough time in March to squeeze another New Model Monday in. 

Warhammer TV is back for another week of quality programming that’s the perfect companion to a marathon hobby session, so be sure to tune in and catch all of your favourite shows.

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* Please note, orders placed on games-workshop.com will be limited to one copy per order.